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Smart Case Review – Full Body Protection For Your iPad [Video]

by on June 30th, 2012

It shouldn’t come as a surprise Apple quietly added a new case for the iPad the same day it announced its new Retina display MacBook Pro and talked about Mountain Lion and iOS 6 at WWDC 2012.

There’s not a whole lot different between the iPad Smart Cover and the Smart Case, besides the fact the case now covers the back. So now you’re getting not only protection for the screen, but protection from scratches and light bumps to the back as well.

The new Smart Case like the Cover adds very little bulk to your iPad. Apple’s done a very good job trying to maintain the minimalistic design of the iPad while in the case.

The inside is nice micro fibre and the outer shell is made of the grippy polyurethane material. Sorry folks, no leather options – which is a shame. It comes in six colours – red, pink, green, blue, and dark and light grey. I find it a bit odd there isn’t black, as black cases always seem to be very popular.

The cut outs on the Smart Case are very precise, and the volume and power buttons are covered in a piece of hard rubber. This ensures they respond very accurately.

Like the Smart Cover, you can fold up the Smart Case so it acts as a stand. But I’ve found it isn’t quite as stable. This is likely due to the fact there is the back cover. No longer does the iPad sit flush against the front cover, so it can be a little wobbly when standing up.

Of course when you open the Smart Case the iPad starts up, and shuts down when you close it.

Here’s my quick video review of the iPad Smart Case.

Overall I’m very happy with the Smart Case. I now wish it had been available when the iPad 2 launched. I love the full body protection and for that reason alone I think it’s well worth the added price.

Yes, the Smart Case costs $10 more than the polyurethane Smart Cover. I know it’s a bit steep for a case, but when you’re investing so much already into the device, why not spend a little extra for some protection.

Oh, and I will point out, the Smart Case works fine if you have a screen shield on.

Have you tried the Smart Case? Let me know what you think of it.

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