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SFBags Waterfield Designs iPad Slip Case Review & Giveaway!

by on July 9th, 2010

Waterfield designs is a great company based in San Francisco that offers a wide, wide selection of laptop, iPhone, iPad, Cell Phone Cases and Bags. These people are bag fanatics – they love what they do and their products show it. Before I got the Slip Case to review, I spent some time researching and finding out more info about their company and business practices (using local craftsmen, designers, materials). Before I even had their product in-hand I was already impressed.

Lets get to the nitty gritty though. What I tested was the iPad Slip Case, one of the six iPad Sleeves/Cases they offer. It’s one of their least expensive products – at $29.00 USD. Right from the start I could tell that the quality of this product was well worth the money. The outer layer is a super-durable nylon that is water resistant (which is particularly nice), and simply feels really strong. The interior is made from a super soft Ultrasuede so you really don’t have to worry about any scratches.

(Sadly, my camera was not cooperating with me when writing this review, so you’ll have to settle for stock photography here – but definitely check out the video linked to below for a better idea of the shape/size/feel of this product)

I used the bag everyday for nearly a week, from start to end the iPad fit very snuggly inside. As long as you grab the case by any side, your iPad will be secure – and you simply old the end-tab to gently wiggle your iPad free. One of the extra design features that I really enjoyed was that between the outer and inner layers, on one side, there is a durable plastic layer that not only helps your slip case keep its shape (super important, for being able to insert the iPad) but also for an additional layer of protection. I’m going to be honest, though – I wish it was on both sides. The only other drawback is that one entire end is open and while the case does cover the entire iPad, I’d prefer if there was a loop or latch – even by velcro – to secure the iPad so it certainly won’t fall out if I pick up the sleeve the wrong way.

Here’s a quick vid from Gary of Waterfield Designs showing off the bag on their Youtube Channel

I love the idea of having a slip-case instead of a full-on case because I can keep my iPad protected when I throw it into my backpack or bag, but get to use it ‘Naked’ (or in my case, with a fun Skin on it) when I want to use it. If you find regular cases to be cumbersome, then you should really look into getting this iPad Slip Case, because they’re absolutely worth the price. Unfortunately, shipping to Canada will run you back an additional $20.00.

I’m happy to pay this bag forward to a lucky reader – someone who really wants it! Comment below and let me know why you prefer a Slip Case to a Full Case and one winner will be randomly chosen and win the Waterfield Designs iPad Slip Case (it’s the blue one by the way – like the picture above).

Contest closes 11:59pm ET (That’s 8:59 PT – Don’t be late!) Sunday July 11, 2010!

Congrats to Chris! Who entered both by commenting and by tweeting!
You’re the Winner!

I’ll give you another chance to win, if you follow me on Twitter!

Also, you might want to check out iPhoneAppGirl.com!

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  • E R Armstrong

    I've got a full case, and want a slip case so that I can show off my iPad more extravagantly—in my full case, no one knows I have the best device in the room! What's the point of that??? This slip case looks really secure.

  •  Xaroc

    I'm going to go against the contest rules on this one >.< lol I had a full case (not this one in particular) and to me it ruined the sexy slim design feel of my iPad. Now I just use an icon Matt anti glad screen protector, and I hold full ability to use my charging dock. That case dose look sleek though.

    Sooo I switched it up, went against the full case, please… Spare the rod, can't take any more beatings lol.

  • Cameron Williams

    I'd love a slip case because it's the fastest way to appreciate

  • WhatsChrisDoing

    I have a full case which when I want to prop the iPad up but most of the time it gets in the way. I would love a simpler case for traveling back and forth to work.

  • Andre Cajolais

    I would say the slip case is interesting as someone else wrote because with a simple back and front shield protector
    you can maintain the integrity of the ipad design.

    André Cajolais

  • nbrunner

    I am looking for a quality case and this seems to fit the bill.

  • Something that pretty needs to be naked as often as possible.

  • Urso_mtl

    As a teacher, a slip case is more convenient than a full case. The main reason is that I can take my iPad out of the case much faster! It means that i can help the curious minds faster as well! Since a lot of them require visual stimulation, and lessons can be too short at times, I don't like to waste my students and my own time. A slip case is then the right thing for me and my students!


  • Bryan

    A blue Waterfield iPad case to match my eyes and toes, and hey if I hold my breath why even my nose.
    Why wouldn’t I want a Waterfield case – I have the iPad, and it ain’t no fad, as a matter of fact it’s really rad even though me family thinks Dad’s gone mad (I know, I know that was a tad sad). But keep it up and I’ll be out on the street, and a blue Waterfield to match my blue sleeping bag would definitely be neat. So if I can’t be reached at home, then look for me on one of those TO subway grates in my blue sleeping bag with iPad and blue Waterfield in hand singin’the following Elvis song:
    Well it's one for the money, two for the show
    Three to get ready now go cat go

    But don't you, step on my blue iPad sleeve
    You can do anything but lay off of my blue iPad sleeve…….

  • Fritz

    I want protection while I am moving around, but I love the design and feel of the iPad, so I end up taking it out of its case a lot.

  • bigC

    As a university student this would be percent to help carry my iPad between classes without any hassle.

  • imerc08

    A slip case like this one makes the iPad shine in all of its glory when you take it out, as opposed to a permanent full case. I would love it! 🙂

  • Looks cool, too bad about the shipping cost to Canada though! Slip case would be nicer to show off the beauty of the iPad.

  • Jefferson Nhan

    Looks cool I want to win it. I might a buy an iPad if I do lol.

  • Karen

    I need one to look nicer than my boyfriend's!

  • Fuzzylogic

    A slip case would be perfect for me because I have no case right now, and I really want the slip case so that I can easily take my iPad out of it's case to put it on it's dock.

  • G Pederson

    Would be better than a full case to keep iPad naked and looking it's best.

  • james

    It looks really cool and easy to quickly install and remove while providing adequate protection against minor knocks and scratches.

  • John

    Something as beautiful as the iPad should be shown in its pure form when in use, and protected when it's not.

  • Slip cases are the way to go – slim, light, very handy – and they don't bother you when you don't need them (i.e. when using the device).

  • Tom

    You might also consider my Aligata iPad leather cases. Genuine bovine leather, natural grain. (I work for Aligata).


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  • great case! Thumbs up! thanks for this review. Hope to have one.