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SFBags Waterfield Designs iPad Slip Case Review & Giveaway!

by on July 9th, 2010

Waterfield designs is a great company based in San Francisco that offers a wide, wide selection of laptop, iPhone, iPad, Cell Phone Cases and Bags. These people are bag fanatics – they love what they do and their products show it. Before I got the Slip Case to review, I spent some time researching and finding out more info about their company and business practices (using local craftsmen, designers, materials). Before I even had their product in-hand I was already impressed.

Lets get to the nitty gritty though. What I tested was the iPad Slip Case, one of the six iPad Sleeves/Cases they offer. It’s one of their least expensive products – at $29.00 USD. Right from the start I could tell that the quality of this product was well worth the money. The outer layer is a super-durable nylon that is water resistant (which is particularly nice), and simply feels really strong. The interior is made from a super soft Ultrasuede so you really don’t have to worry about any scratches.

(Sadly, my camera was not cooperating with me when writing this review, so you’ll have to settle for stock photography here – but definitely check out the video linked to below for a better idea of the shape/size/feel of this product)

I used the bag everyday for nearly a week, from start to end the iPad fit very snuggly inside. As long as you grab the case by any side, your iPad will be secure – and you simply old the end-tab to gently wiggle your iPad free. One of the extra design features that I really enjoyed was that between the outer and inner layers, on one side, there is a durable plastic layer that not only helps your slip case keep its shape (super important, for being able to insert the iPad) but also for an additional layer of protection. I’m going to be honest, though – I wish it was on both sides. The only other drawback is that one entire end is open and while the case does cover the entire iPad, I’d prefer if there was a loop or latch – even by velcro – to secure the iPad so it certainly won’t fall out if I pick up the sleeve the wrong way.

Here’s a quick vid from Gary of Waterfield Designs showing off the bag on their Youtube Channel

I love the idea of having a slip-case instead of a full-on case because I can keep my iPad protected when I throw it into my backpack or bag, but get to use it ‘Naked’ (or in my case, with a fun Skin on it) when I want to use it. If you find regular cases to be cumbersome, then you should really look into getting this iPad Slip Case, because they’re absolutely worth the price. Unfortunately, shipping to Canada will run you back an additional $20.00.

I’m happy to pay this bag forward to a lucky reader – someone who really wants it! Comment below and let me know why you prefer a Slip Case to a Full Case and one winner will be randomly chosen and win the Waterfield Designs iPad Slip Case (it’s the blue one by the way – like the picture above).

Contest closes 11:59pm ET (That’s 8:59 PT – Don’t be late!) Sunday July 11, 2010!

Congrats to Chris! Who entered both by commenting and by tweeting!
You’re the Winner!

I’ll give you another chance to win, if you follow me on Twitter!

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