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OtterBox Commuter/Defender iPad Case Review

by on August 23rd, 2010

If you haven’t heard of OtterBox, than you haven’t heard about the strongest cases you can get for any device. OtterBox cases for the iPhone have been used widely for people who work in extreme environments such as construction. Now, the popular Commuter/Defender models have been updated for the iPad.

We got a couple sample units from OtterBox and we tested out each case on installation use and protection. Let’s get started!

OtterBox Commuter iPad Case Review

The Commuter series cases are always a step below in protection compared to the Defender series. Consider them the everyday cases for people on the go, but do not work in extreme environments.

Here are the features:
Access to all buttons and features
Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports
Includes a self-adhering protective touch screen film
Snap-off access for optional iPad dock

Inside the box you’ll find a cleaning cloth, squeegee, and instructions.

I’ve always liked the Commuter series iPhone cases from OtterBox. They are designed well, look great, and aren’t as bulky as the Defender series. The iPad Commuter case is no different and and includes once again a silicone inner layer with a hard plastic exterior.

Installing the iPad into the silicone shell is quite easy. Putting the hard shell on requires some more effort, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Everything has been designed with exact precision so it’s a very tight fit.

This time around, included is a self-adhering film for your touchscreen. Installation of the Commuter case was pretty easy and straightforward–no issues here. If you’re looking to prevent dings on your iPad this case will guarantee against that.

What’s cool is that a bottom portion of the case can be removed to allow for the iPad to dock. This bottom takes some effort to remove, which is good because it allows the case to remain a tight fit. I found the silicone to attract dust easily, but can be quickly cleaned with a moist microfibre cloth.

At $64.95, the OtterBox Commuter Case is on the higher end of iPad Cases, but it’s worth it if you truly are looking for a well made hard shell/silicone combo to protect your iPad investment. These cases are made well and the higher price reflects that. If you want a well made case–you’re going to find that from OtterBox.

OtterBox Defender iPad Case Review

When I took the Defender Series iPad case out of its box–I was overwhelmed. This case is very hardcore and offers some incredible protection for your iPad. It really is a giant step up from the Commuter Series.

Inside the box, contents are the same as above: screen protector, cleaning cloth, squeegee. The box has very light packaging, which is good to see.

Now, installing the Defender Series required me to briefly look over the instructions. There’s another silicon/hard shell combo. This time around, the back half is in two pieces. Your iPad slides into the hard shell first, then a thick silicone outer case engulfs the shell.

Once it’s all said and done, my iPad feels like it’s sitting inside a Hummer. It’s much bulkier and heavier than before, but it you get a confident feeling that nothing can get to your iPad!

I can see people who work on construction sites or in heavy duty environments to sport the Defender Series. It’s definitely a very high end case that will protect your iPad, unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market so far.

With that being said, the price is a hefty $89.95. However, you get what you pay for and with the Defender Series from OtterBox I feel it’s definitely the case to get if you don’t want anything to touch your iPad.

Which case should you decide on? If you’re using your iPad daily going to/from the office etc, the Commuter is for you. But if you’re doing construction or in a dusty, dangerous environment then the Defender is the must-have case for you.

Click here to visit OtterBox.com!

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