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New iPad ZAGG InvisibleShield HD Review [Video Install]

by on March 29th, 2012

Protecting my iPad is a big priority for me. Not only because it’s an expensive investment, but when it comes time to upgrade, I want the older model to look brand new so I can get top dollar.

So using a screen shield is a must for me – and my favourite is the invisibleShield from ZAGG. I find it easy to apply, it does what it says it’ll do and you get a lifetime guarantee.

The one drawback I always had was the texture of the screen shield. It looked and felt almost like an orange peel. It didn’t take anything away from the iPad as far as function, but it never really quite felt the same as using the naked screen.

But now ZAGG has its “HD” line of screen shields. They’re supposed to feel more like glass and offer advanced clarity. Something you really want with your new retina display iPad.

Here is my installation video of the new invisibleShield HD onto the new iPad.

So yes, I messed up the install a little. Whoops. You want to make sure you have a very clean area and try to have as much of a dust free area as possible. Otherwise it’s super easy to install.

And yes, the texture of the new HD screen shield is awesome. It really feels more like the iPad screen with nothing on it. At times I forget I even have it on. The clarity is also perfect. The retina display still looks beautiful.

If you’re going to pick up a screen shield for your iPad, I highly recommend you give the ZAGG invisibleShield a try – and especially the HD version. You can use our promo code ‘iphoneinca’ for 20% off your order.

So do you use screen shields? What are some of your favourite brands and why?

**Want the BEST new iPad protection? Order your invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG, the strongest protection for your new iPad backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime replacement warranty, and FREE shipping! Use coupon code 'iphoneinca' for 20% off your purchase! Order today!**

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  • Nice job, Kris. Another good tip: after you fit the InvisibleShield in place, you can spray a bit of the solution on top, making it easier to squeegee away the liquid and bubble underneath.

  • Kirk

    Interesting. Thanks for pointing out the thing about the orange peel. I didn’t like that when it happened on my iPhone. I ended up getting “bodyguardz” screen protector instead. Maybe just maybe I might give this updated zagg shield a try for my iPad.

  • Kris Meador

    Nice. Didn’t even think of that. I’ll remember that for next time.

  • Awesome install video Kris. Still a decent job, I also like to spray the shield and my screen. Makes for such an easier squeegee experience. 

  • Oh the irony of me seeing a bodyguards screen protector ad while reading this post 😉

    As for the install, nope. I am a walking dust magnet and I’ll never be able to install a screen protector, Tis why I pay for the install. Won’t do it any other way. I’ve tried. It was a disaster. I think I have PTSD from my install attempts.

    Frick, I went across the border to get BB to install it, which was a joke.

    That said, when I upgrade next year, I will probably go for the HD.

    I’ve heard, however (from Zagg direct)

  • The HD doesn’t self heal as well as the original, which is a but worrisome. But self heal versus orange peel?

  • Please

    Any chance you guys could do a comparison between the new invisible shield and the new bodyguardz? It looks like both companies have changed their product lately…

  • Greed

    if your a smart , mature adult you dont need a screen protector. Even the ‘best’ screen protector takes away from the Retina display. Buy the smart cover to protect it when not in use. When using it, take care of it

  • Ernie Gorrie

     I  don’t know about that.  Accidents happen even to smart, mature adults. That’s why we have insurance. My wife was recently driving and a deer ran into the side of her car doing thousands of dollars of damage.  I recently stood up with a couple of piece of luggage and my iPad.  My iPad went to the ground.  Insurance paid for most of the car repair.  My Zagg Folio saved my iPad.  Screen protectors are just another layer of insurance.

  • LeRoy Lees

    I agree. This is Gorilla Glass. I’ve taken iPads on 2 trips to Europe without a scratch on the metal or the glass. Why ruin a beautiful functional design with all this add on stuff. The Apple smart cover serves so many purposes. Protection, display and auto off on. And they look good as well.

  • rawr85

    I’ve been wanting to pick this up but the shipping to Canada is brutal 🙁
    Not available from eBay either

  • Iphonemobile97

    Does anyone know if I have to buy the InvisibleShield directly from Best Buy in order for them to install it?

    zagg invisible