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Keep Your iPad Safe From Drops With G-Form Cases [Drop Test Video]

by on February 16th, 2012

iPad users are always looking for ways to protect their tablet. There’s no worse feeling than dropping your $500 investment. The sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach can feel like it lasts for an eternity while you quickly check your iPad for any damage.

So those worried about drops will often pick up a case. But would you feel comfortable dropping a bowling ball on your iPad, even if it was in a case? Or how about dropping it from space?

Likely not. But G-Form as come out with cases it says does just those things.

The company’s created a material that stiffens upon impact and absorbs over 90 percent of the energy. They call it Reactive Protection Technology or RPT.

They started with athletic products, and then figured if the material can protect bones, it can protect electronic devices. To prove how well their cases work, G-Form has put them to extreme tests, including dropping bowling balls on their iPads and even dropping one from space.

The cases come in bright yellow and black. Because of the protection these are supposed to provide, I was surprised at how flexible the cases were. The padding feels a little like memory foam but tougher. You can push it in and it springs back into place.

With the Extreme Edge there is a cutout for the camera if you have the iPad 2. And on the top left inside pad, you’ll notice a cut out so you can plug your headphones in.

The Extreme Portfolio is very similar in design. Except, of course you get even more screen protection because the material covers the entire device. The portfolio doesnt have a cutout for the camera.

Ok, so I’ve gone over the details, but how does it stand up as far as protection?

Check out my video to see what happened during the drop tests.

For me, the G-Form cases lived up to their promise. While the price tag may be a little high – $110 for the Extreme Portfolio in Canada and $55 for the Extreme Edge – when you’re spending $500 or more dollars of an iPad, I don’t think it’s outrageous to want something that will offer a lot of protection.

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