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Just Mobile AluPen + AluCube For iPad

by on August 19th, 2011

I have used a handful of stylus devices with my iPad but I always seem to come back to the AluPen by Just Mobile.

For those that are  unfamiliar with the AluPen, it is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus that gives you amazing control over the iPad, but can also be used with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Aside from using the AluPen as a text input device, which is ideal for the portrait iPad keyboard, the AluPen is perfect for drawing or painting apps. While your finger is a great pointing device, the control and precision that comes from a stylus is unmatched.

The AluPen is sculpted from aluminum with a soft rubber tip, making the stylus feel and look very unique among the many other available stylus devices, which is partly why I keep going back to it. The AluPen is also very comfortable and feels very nice when being held.

Recently, Just Mobile and design team Tools have managed to make the AluPen even better by introducing a companion accessory called the “AluCube”. This accessory is the upright stand for the AluPen and essentially gives your AluPen a very stylish home.

Like the AluPen, the AluCube is crafted from a single chunk of aluminum, featuring a rubber-lined recess that grips your AluPen while at the same time protecting it from scratches.  The AluCube also features a great cable recess in the base which helps to secure the iOS sync cable while also keeping your desk looking clean. As for the base of the AluCube, non-slip rubber ensures a solid surface grip.

To top it all off, the AluPen + AluCube package features an elegant leather carrying case for the Alupen that gives you both a stylish case and functional travel companion.

If you’re looking for a very elegant solution for a stylus/pointing device that provides precision in a small portable size, the Just Mobile AluPen is available in 8 different colors for $24.95* from the Just Mobile online store.

If you also need the stylish AluCube upright stand, you can pick up the AluPen + AluCube package for $39.95*.

*Shipping for either of the products is a flat $25.00 rate to Canada.

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