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iPad protection at last

by on November 28th, 2010

Ever since I bought Apple’s external iPad keyboard dock, I’ve been engaging in unsafe iPad use, leaving my tablet unprotected against scratches, bumps and abrasions.

The problem was that the McAlly iPad case I invested in when I bought the iPad was not compatible with the dock. The opening on the bottom, while adequate for the USB dock connector, didn’t quite fit the connector on the keyboard dock. So the McAlly went back to the store and my iPad went unprotected while I searched for a case that would work with the keyboard dock.

I finally found one at Future Shop last week; the Griffin Outfit Case ($39.99, available online and in the store). You can get it in purple, blue or clear case and, in Griffin’s words, is “sleek, stylish, hard-shell protection for your iPad. Our super-slim shell surrounds your iPad in polycarbonate to protect it against dings and dents. Snaps on and stays put, with total access to the iPad’s MultiTouch display, audio jack, dock connector and other controls.” Best of all, I can use it with the keyboard dock. It’s a bit wobbly and sometimes the connection is lost, but a light tap on the top and it’s connected again.

I’m glad that Griffin, at least, makes a case that’s compatible with the keyboard dock, but I wonder why other manufacturers don’t consider how their particular accessory works with other accessories. A little coordination or research would lead to better consumer satisfaction and, probably, increased sales.

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  • you know, everyone likes wireless bluetooth keyboard, such as logitech

  • Richard R in Vancouver

    I do not like that dock! The iPad is right in my face. I use the apple blue tooth key board. So much better with the Apple case, so it is folded up so I can see it. Usually I am close enough to a plug that I can charge it at the same time. However I have a habit of keeping this and my iphone charging. Always checking, so I do not need this dock key board. Besides I am tired of all these accessories being so expensive such as the ipad stands. Yikes!