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iPad 2 Launch Week: Mobile Cloth Giveaway!

by on March 21st, 2011

Update: Contest is over folks! Here are the winners, you will be contacted shortly:

  • El Aurens, Mlena095, ShahabMTL, Mr. Charley, Peter Nguyen, Tim Stringer, Neuphoto, Andrew, Jskydart, Rafarosen, Thedude, Jpacitto, Kenny, Tony B., Hyrules, Fastrace24, Alex, Graeme, Harry, Pierre, Devon, smodi, Vazandrew, Droptopv8, Zman

To celebrate the launch of the iPad 2 this week, and to ensure that you are ready to protect your new iPad 2 when purchased this Friday, we are kicking off the week with a 3-day long contest! But what are we giving away?

Starting today, and ending on Wednesday evening, we are giving away 25, yes TWENTY-FIVE, Mobile Cloths from our friends over at Hartigan Industries (www.mobilecloth.com).

Mobile Cloth

As some of you may know, I swear by the Mobile Cloth. The first thing that amazed me with the Mobile Cloth is that not only is there no spray included, but that you actually don’t need spray at all! The Mobile Cloth just cleans everything and yet it stays so soft (think cashmere soft).

In my uses, the Mobile Cloth seems to easily take care of smudges, finger prints, dirt, and whatever else I seem to throw at it, without any streaks! While my spray/cloth combo works, the Mobile Cloth works better, faster, and requires less re-cleaning!

With most of us being iPad owners, the Mobile Cloth is the perfect accessory after a day of iPad use. Whether it’s my Original iPad or my new iPad 2, the display is just full of finger prints and dirt after a full day of use. So, a few wipes of the Mobile Cloth and my iPad is clean and ready for tomorrow.

This is not to say that other microfiber cloths don’t do the job, it’s just the Mobile Cloth does it more efficiently.

So let’s get to the giveaway!

The Giveaway!

As detailed earlier, starting today, and ending on Wednesday evening, we are giving away 25, yes TWENTY-FIVE, Mobile Cloths from our friends over at Hartigan Industries. That means, 25 winners!

Winners will be announced on iPad 2 eve (Thursday).

How to Win

To win, simply comment on the following:

1.) Tell me your Friday iPad 2 plans and how you will use the Mobile Cloth?

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends March 23, 2011 at 11:59PM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field when posting a comment or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.

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  • Bosoxfanx

    I will be at Eaton Center Thursday overnight. I am gonna keep my mobile cloth between my iPad and my Zagg mate! 🙂 Woot!

  • Natq7

    I’ll be at the Rideau centre on Ottawa very early Friday morning, around 5:00 am and i’m going to use my Mobile cloth to keep my Ipad 2 screen… Hoping to get a white Ipad2

  • rvkgirl

    I´ll be ordering one online A.S.A.P. and I´ll use the mobile cloth to keep the screen free of little finger prints 🙂

  • Wayne_Lai

    Order online immediately, calling all apple store at my neighborhood and try my luck. Using mobile cloth is of course needed to make my idevices clean

  • ShahabMTL

    I will be lining up on thursday night at the main apple store here is Montreal and like the iphone 4 I will be close to the beginning of the line hopefully, The cloth will be really helpful since touching the ipad makes it dirty really fast, so I’ll be able to clean it several times a day.

  • Mlena095

    Heading down to my local apple store early in the morning! I’ll use the cloth to make sure it stays free of fingerprints

  • Luiz Alberto

    Is it possible for a Brazilian reader, who unfortunately still lives in Brazil until 2012, to join in the contest? If yes, my plans for Friday is to be reading, with a little envy, what is happening on your Apple Stores (sigh). I will use the cloth to clean up the tears over my antique iPad 1. 🙂 If it is not possible, please sorry for the inconvenience, but I had to try. 😉

  • Mr. Charley

    My plans are to watch the news and the ensuing line-ups. I have the 1st gen ipad and won’t be getting the ipad 2, but I still could use that mobile cloth on my 1st gen ipad! 🙂

  • Peter Nguyen

    Camping at either fairview or eaton centre overnight!!! Using the mobile cloth for my iPad and iPhone. Can’t wait to camp it out:)

  • Peter Nguyen

    Out of curiosity, I also plan to go to eaton centre. Where are you going to wait overnight as the doors are closed?

  • El Aurens

    I’ll be ordering online asap Friday morning. Might try my luck at the local BB/FS as well. The mobile cloth will keep my iPad screen nice and clean!

  • Anonymous

    I took a day off for Friday. As soon as we are 100% sure about when it’ll be available (AM, PM), I’ll do the plan but if it’s AM, I’ll be at my local FutureShop at 7/8AM (Got $550 worth of gift cars) and will do my best to grab a 32Gb Black w/ Rogers 3G !!
    This cloth would be perfect for this new toy as well as my iPhone 4 !!

  • Hyrules

    I’ll be ordering online from the apple store asap. I dont mind waiting a couple of extra days for my iPad if it allow me to get one really fast.

  • I’m going to be lining up early Friday morning at Fairview Mall with a buddy of mine. This is my very first iPad and I’m looking forward to the whole experience!

  • Luiz Alberto

    Sorry, jealous, not envy…

  • John H

    My plan is to line up with a friend at Eaton Center. I’ll be using the cloth to make sure my screen is in pristine condition

  • Al

    I work on Friday, which sucks because I had to take the day off today due to an appointment. Luckily for me my wife will do the hard work on friday morning. But theres a catch she has to get an iPad 2 also.

    Well hard on the wallet, but that’s the price I have to pay. 🙂

  • Ericlewis91

    I would love to keep my iPad 2 clean from day 1

    Getting in line at futureshop at 12am 16gb white wifi is mine

  • Depend at what time the iPad 2 is launch…. If it’s 8am on friday, like rumors, i’ll be waiting line overnight in front of the Montreal store. Just like i did for the iPhone 4… Of course this time, it’s different… it’s March and not June 🙂 For the Mobile cloth, it’s pretty easy… it will help to keep the screen on my future iPad and also my actual iPhone 4 very clean 🙂 Even if i plan to buy the Smart cover, the Mobile cloth will be just perfect tool.

  • Mr.(G)

    I’ll spend my Friday dreaming about a new iPad 2, waiting for it to arrive. The Mobile Cloth will be very useful in getting my son’s fingerprints off of the iPad!

  • Mobile cloth is not only good for keeping idevices smudge free, but it also doubles well for situations where you run out of toilet paper!

  • Swooshmac

    my plans on friday are to fly in from Switzerland, in time for the release on the 25th… get an ipad2 and would use your Mobile Cloth always as i facetime with my son in Vancouver when i am on business trips (which is a lot)

  • Nascar Dog

    I will be waiting in line Friday at (Best Buy or Future Shop depending on how busy they are) to hopefully get my new iPad 2.
    The Mobile Cloth will be nice for gently cleaning the fingerprints off the screen.

  • Tim Stringer

    Friday morning I plan to attend a yoga class instead of waiting in line for the iPad 2. I already have the original iPad, which I’m very happy with…and will be keeping shiny and new thanks to my Mobile Cloth, and will likely hold out until the iPad 3.

  • iwantipad2

    I will be sending my husband to the lineup on Friday morning and wait patiently for the “I got it” phone call. I’ll use the mobile cloth to wipe the little fingerprints as I am sure my daughter will play with ipad 2 more often than me.

  • Alex

    Luckly a friend of mine was kind enough to get me an iPad 2 while he was in the States. Its on its way and estimated arrival is Friday! Like all Canadians I will be awaiting to get my hands onto the new iPad 2 and have fun with it. A mobile cloth with help keep the iPad clean, shiny and fingerprint free!

  • Graeme

    I will be having either my father or a good friend stand in line for me Friday morning, as I am unable to excuse myself from work that day. (I did try!!). Looking forward to enjoying this marvelous piece of technology. I have little ones as well that will love having their fingerprints all over it–a cleaning cloth will be a must!

  • Pierre


    I’ll be ordering my iPad on Friday … and will eventually use the cloth to keep it free of fingerprints.


  • Peter

    Since I’m out of the country, I’ll order it online and wait for it to ship.. Will use the cloth to wipe my new ipad 2!

  • Andrew

    I will lining up early with the rest of the Apple faithful to get my iPad2, I could really use the cloth to wipe the sweat from my anxiously nervous brow while hoping there is still stock remaining.

  • Tony B.

    A friend of mine might be able to get me an iPad 2 from the states today/tomorrow, but in case he couldn’t find any, then I will line up this Friday early morning at Apple Store in Montreal, as I did last year for the iPhone 4. And the “Mobile Cloth” will make a great work keeping my iPad as well as my iPhone both clean and fingerprint-free ! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  • I will use this to wipe the finger grease off my new iPad 2. Can’t wait to get it!!

  • Bill

    Well I have a bad lung infection or else I would be out in line trying to get an iPad 2 on Friday. Now, I will have to resort to ordering online and hoping the wait is not too long. I would love a mobile cloth as I hate it when my devices get dirty. Thanks for the great contest and always keeping us informed.

  • Jskydart

    Even though I have one on order in the US, I’m still looking forward to some camping outside my local FutureShop (no Apple store in London, ON 🙁 ) and getting a second one. A cleaning cloth would be great even if my iPads will be protected by Invisibleshields.

  • Wilma Chartrand

    On Friday, April 25th, I will be patiently awaiting an email from the apple store to advise me when I can start purchasing my new iPad2. I would love to win a mobile cloth. My email address is [email protected]

  • Jobenoit

    I’m going to try to get one online. Hopefully I won’t get stuck waiting weeks for it’s arrival. The cleaning cloth would be amazing to keep on hand tO get rid of smudges and such.

  • ProGath

    Can’t wait to get the iPad 2 and as a person with sweaty hands a Mobile Cloth would be perfect to keep those smudges under check.

  • Paulo Ruberto

    I am going to wait ouside my local Apple Store or BestBuy about 5 hours before so I can get a 32GB White iPad 2. I had to pass on the iPad last year because I am a student and didn’t have enough money. 🙁 But now I am able to afford the iPad 2 and I am super excited. This cloth would be great for me because I have no accesories for my new iPad and no way to clean it to show off its beauty!

  • Fbanglawala

    Getting my ipad 2 from US this thursday, my uncle is getting it for me. Winning this cloth with just add more exitement.

  • Jonathan W.

    Heading to Future Shop in the morning, since the Apple Store in my area still hasn’t been built.

  • Anonymous

    I will hopefully be cleaning my new ipad2

  • Andrew

    As bad as I want an iPad 2, I am sticking with the iPad 1 refurb I just bought after the price that went with the announcement of the iPad2. The iPad 2 just didn’t have enough to get me to spend an extra $200 on it over the price of the refurb iPad 1. I would still love to use a mobile cloth with my iPad 1 though, to keep it nice and shiny.

  • Veshke

    I’ll be trying to order one online and hoping for the best that the shipping time isn’t up to a century by then!

  • Cinargy

    I use my iPod Touch so much with hundreds of apps but never own and iPad. I am waiting impatiently to the iPad2 launch in Canada and plan to buy the iPad2, black, 3G, 64GB model. I hope to use it for easy streaming of audio/video around the house, mobile web browsing, sheet-music reading at jams and gigs, quick editing of home movies and much more…I can’t wait…

  • Harry

    Will be standing in line from wee hours on Fri…..depending on how long i have to stand in line once i do get it i’ll use it to death and caress it using the mobile cloth before going to bed 😉

  • Fy1990216

    gonna line up early for ipad2~~definitly gonna get it the first day…
    Use the mobile cloth for my coming ipad2~ 😛



  • Houston

    Lining up at the Eaton’s Center on Thursday!!!
    so excited…

  • Rafarosen

    Early in the morning, still don’t know where…Apple Store…Best Buy. Mobile cloth => to get rid of my kid’s fingerprints (and mine as well).

  • Vazandrew

    I plan to order mine online, as soon as they are available since I have to work on Friday. I will also check out the usual suspects (Apple Store, Walmart, Future Shop) later in the day, in case I can get my hands on one then. The mobile cloth would really come in handy to make the screen look fresh.

  • pierre

    My plans are simple: I will use my iPad 2 bought on March 11th in Portland, Me!

  • Think I will hit up Best Buy on Friday instead of the Apple Store and see if I have any luck. The mobile cloth would be awesome as I’m always polishing up my iPhone with my iMac cleaning cloth and it’s a little small for an iPad..plus you’re supposed to wet it before use.

  • Kenny

    I attempted last week to grab an iPad while in Michigan but I struck out three days in a row. One day I call and the local store in Ann Abor it did have a 16GB 3G White Verizon iPad 2 in stock model but passed. A few hours later when i dropped into the store the were no more iPads left.

    My plans for the 25th us to arrive at 6:00 in the morning at my local Apple Store.

  • Laserheart

    My plans on Friday is to remind my son that he said he would get me an iPad 2 for my birthday, and head over with him to stand in line… 🙂

    I will also be looking forward to checking out the new “cashmere” soft cloth that will keep it clean and fingerprint free!

    It’s like Christmas all over again! You can contact me through Discus I hope, because I do not want to post my email address in the clear…

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Matt

    Come Friday, I will madly run around town attempting to locate an iPad 2 to satisfy my addiction to new technology. However, in case that plan should fail (for the moment, anyways), my original iPad will definitely appreciate the screen-cleaning capabilities offered by the Mobile Cloth.

  • Matt

    My plans: Get up early and order from the Apple website to get the free engraving (and so I don’t have to wait in line)!

  • Kerater

    I will probably will be standing in line with 3 kids for a couple hours( hopefully not a long time. and in that time they will have been playing with my iphone and old ipad and eating Tim Hortons food while waiting. The mobile cloth will come in really handy to clean the doughnut and hot chocolate smudges off all the screens while we are waiting patiently inline behaving themselves (haha)

  • Kerater

    I will probably will be standing in line with 3 kids for a couple hours( hopefully not a long time. and in that time they will have been playing with my iphone and old ipad and eating Tim Hortons food while waiting. The mobile cloth will come in really handy to clean the doughnut and hot chocolate smudges off all the screens while we are waiting patiently inline behaving themselves (haha)

  • Roamcanada

    I will be using the mobile cloth to wipe away the tears of joy from the IPAD 2. Excited about this week… geekfest here we come!

  • Zachary Q

    I think I’ll be up early at the eatons center location awaiting my new iPad

  • Bill

    getting in line at 12:00 midnight and hope I’m not too late to pick up a new iPad 2!

  • Josh

    Waking up early, heading to my nearest apple store at a mall, hopefully will be one of the first on the line, by 10:30 hopefully, mission accomplished!

  • Wayne Yue

    On Friday I will go to my local Apple Store to pickup the iPad2 (my first ever APPLE product), and whenver I see a spot of dust or finger print on my iPad2 screen, I’ll wipe it clean with the Mobile Cloth, because I am very excited about the iPad2 and I cannot stand the view of it being in an imperfect state.

  • I have already tried to get the iPad when it was released in the US on March 11th and failed. My plan was to get up early (or go late) and wait in line but after seeing the lack of stock the US got I think my best bet is to get my order in online as quickly as possible with express shipping!

    Having it a few days later is better then not at all and the fact that theres 12 different choices and I want a specific one it makes sense more sense to order online!

  • lorettad

    Planning on getting it at Bestbuy, will have to see when they’re releasing them but probably going there to line up in the morning, otherwise, I’ll be going to lineup at the Sqaure 1 Apple Store.

  • Andy

    I’m hoping that I will be able to order an iPad 2 online as there are no Apple Stores here in Saskatchewan

  • Ben

    Gonna go lineup outside bestbuy around 8am, hopefully that’s early enough.

  • Ryan

    I will be in line using the cloth to keep my iphone 4 clean. Once I get the iPad the mobile cloth will be used to keep it fingerprint free.

  • Laurent

    1.) Tell me your Friday iPad 2 plans and how you will use the Mobile Cloth?
    I will make the line-up at Best-Buy/Futureshop all night long and I’ll sleep out there! It will be my first line-up experience ever!

  • Laurent

    1.) Tell me your Friday iPad 2 plans and how you will use the Mobile Cloth?
    I will make the line-up at Best-Buy/Futureshop all night long and I’ll sleep out there! It will be my first line-up experience ever!
    I will use my Mobile Cloth to clean up my iPad 2, my iPhone 4G, clean my car too, my tv, etc.! It will be like a “Sham Wow!”

    Sorry about double post, forgot to mention last point earlier

  • Sleemans24

    I am either ordering an iPad 2 Friday at apple.ca, or trying my luck at the local Best Buy. The Mobile Cloth will come in handy once I get my iPad 2. Thanks

  • SandyB

    The iPad has been a Godsend for us and our 4 year old daughter with Down Syndrome, she can navigate to Youtube and play all of the kids songs from the wiggles and Gigglebellies, but she gets the screen very messy with sticky fingers and the occasional spittage. I have to clean the screen at least three times a day. It is also World Down Syndrome Day today. : )

  • ytwytw

    Friday, Get up at 4am, go to eaton centre and getting 64GB 3G White iPad 2

    Use Mobile Cloth as gift for friends sounds a good idea

  • Danny

    Lining up with a buddy 6 hours prior to apple store opening once confirmed. Will you the cloth to wipe my screen protector every time if i see finger prints after use.

  • Bruce

    Will be ordering online because I am too grown to be standing in line. This will be my first Ipad. I have waited this long I can wait to have it delivered to my door, LOL! I read your post about the invisible sheild and trying to decide whether to get it or not (apparrently it is for the WiFi model only) so the mobile cloth could come in handy!

  • Glen lalonde

    Stand in a long line waiting, then care for my new purchase with the best cloth, mobile cloth

  • Robson Liu

    I will use the mobile cloth not for my iPad, but also for my iPhone and MacBook pro! I will also be a shining ray of happiness to people I see with dirty iDevice screens. I will happily offer my amazing mobile cloth to those in need of a clean screen! It is the real solution for world peace!

  • Exploratrix

    This will be my first iPad, and I can hardly wait!! I am ordering from Apple, through the Air Miles shops, so I can get two sets of airmiles: from the store and on my M-C. I will clean my screen with the mobile cloth carefully each night before I flap the cover shut, and say Good Night!

  • Anonymous

    From Canada!!

    I am getting my iPad on Friday and I will be cleaning every single speck of dust and grease off my iPad 🙂 and cleaning my MacBook pro too!

  • Kai Zhuang

    Friday Plan:
    I’m going to line up outside the Ottawa Rideau Center Apple Store Friday. Have been planning this for days and even borrowed a fold up chair from my gf’s mom. If they let me buy 2 iPads, I’ll get the second one as an investment… or perhaps sell the spot.

    I will get the black Wifi version… probably 32GB… depends on the Canadian price.

    Mobile Cloth Plan:
    I have the iPhone 4 and I really don’t like have to spray it and then wipe it. I don’t take the spray with me when I travel so I don’t clean it when I travel. Can’t wait for the Mobile Cloth for both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4.

  • RaidsArc

    I will order online at the first minute available then go to Apple Store at Pacific Centre at the earliest I can. If successful in the store, will cancel online order. I will get the 32 GB WiFi + 3G and the smart cover.

    Of course, mobile cloth will be used first as protection to the back of my shiny new iPad 2 then will use to wipe the finger prints and dirt after hours of playing with my new toy.

  • V.J.

    When I get my iPad this week, I will use the cloth to do the best I can to keep it clean 🙂 sounds stupid, BUT i am going to be broke once i buy the iPad (die-hard apple fan here!) and I wont have enough money to get a Smart Cover, so I’m hoping the mobile cloth will do the job 🙂

  • Anonymous

    dude im doing the same exact thing. same model too!

  • Rick

    When I get my iPad2 on Friday I will love it and hug it and call it George and carress it with my Mobile Cloth.

  • RaidsArc

    See you there!

  • Thedude

    Going to set the ol iPhone alarm for 2 am sharp, hop out of bed and order online.. Then go to work the next morning ha.. Can’t wait. I’m a clean freak so this cloth is a must to show off the clean lines and shininess post unboxing!

  • I’m going to set the alarm to wake up at the time the iPads will be made available for pre-order on the Apple Canada Online Store and order it from there. I am planning to purchase the 32 GB white Wifi+3G and the blue leather smart cover.

    As for the mobile clothe, I’ll use it to keep my new toy shinny and clean to show it off 🙂

  • Jpacitto

    On Friday I’ll be lining up on my way to work to hopefully pick up an iPad 2 at BBY. Hopefully the Smart Cover magnets are strong enough to hold a Mobile Cloth pressed between itself and the iPad so the cloth will always be at the ready for the smudgetastic Apple icon!

  • Anonymous

    I have taken Friday off work so me and a friend can line up at Yorkdale mall at 5:30am for an 8am launch. If it’s 5pm launch maybe we’ll line up before noon. But we will order online first before lining up to ensure that we at least get the model we want via shipping.

  • M!

    FRIDAY… i think i will try to buy online. mobile cloth… i need it to wipe off the jealous ppl’s drooling.

  • Neuphoto

    No freezing lineups for me, just going to set-up the alarm,and order online! I plan to swaddle my new iPad in the Mobile Cloth, like a newborn ; -)

  • Anonymous

    I would use it EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere. I have kids who get their grubby hands on my iPad and I need serious cleaning for it… all the bloody time.

  • Steve Jobs

    I will use it to clean my iAss

  • Fastrace24

    I would use this on my iPad, iPhone 4 and my girlfriend’s iPod touch. Well… Assuming I’m lucky enough to get an iPad 2 on the 25th. Thanks for the giveaway! These things sound awesome.

  • Anonymous

    lol my bad im in Toronto. I’m doing the same thing but with the Fairview Mall Apple Store.

  • ATN

    Simply a must have in my carrying case. Which means cleaning it roughly anywhere… from casually on vacation, to right before an important meeting in the boardroom

  • smodi

    I will be waiting until the crush dies down and buy an iPad in a few weeks. It ain’t going anywhere!

  • James

    Lining up at the apple store, will keep my ipad shiny!

  • Droptopv8

    Clickety clack clickety clack I’ll be cleaning my iPad 2 down the railway track

  • Raj

    I’ll be heading down to my local apple store in Mississauga early and hoping to make new friends along the way. Hopefully we’ll exchange apple user id’s and facetime each other after we all get our ipad 2’s! I’m really excited and can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Zman

    I finish an 8 hour work shift at 1am Friday morning. I plan to head right over to the Apple store in Ottawa, with a coffee in hand along with a lawnchair, warm coat, umbrella, food and other necessities to weather the night. Hopefully the line up isn’t that bad. After I get my Ipad 2 ( confident ) I will download iMovie for the ipad and play away

  • Zman

    Oh yeah – I will be using my mobile cloth to keep my ipad shiny whenever my kids or WIFE touches it!

  • Ron Vender

    I plan to wait in line Saturday morning at my local apple store and use my mobile cloth as a scarf to keep warm!!

  • WaitinOniPad

    It’ll be like my greasy fingers never got near my new iPad 2 with this cloth!

  • Kenny

    Thanks for the Mobile Cloth ipadincanada.com

  • Andre

    Great product. By far the best cleaning cloth that I have used so far… Thanks Mobile cloth and iPadinCanada