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iPad + invisibleSHIELD + iPad Case: A Good Combination

by on August 20th, 2010

So I broke down and bought an iPad. Actually I didn’t really break down, I’ve been planning the purchase ever since the iPad came out and just took my time to act on it. Less than a year before I had purchased a netbook and wanted to “get rid” of that computer before I proceeded with the iPad purchase. The netbook was not used nearly as much as I expected and I knew the iPad would be used more by all family members.

It’s now been a bit over a week since I got it and I (I should actually say we) love it! Of course I’m still discovering all sorts of things about it and I suppose that is what makes it fun.

I’ve been following the iPadinCanada blog for a while now and when the call for writers came along I decided to volunteer. I look forward to discussing the iPad, the accessories and the applications with all the readers.

Planning the purchase

Before making my purchase, I wanted to see what the pros and cons of the iPad were and wanted to see what other accessories were required or would just make things that much better. Of course I was following the iPadinCanada blog as one of my primary sources of information.

That said, it should come as no surprise that one of the first accessories I wanted to get was the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD so I ordered that even before making my iPad purchase so that I could protect the iPad from its daily use. I ordered the full body invisibleSHIELD for the iPad (using the 20% off coupon code “iphoneinca”) and when it came in the mail I went out and purchased the iPad.

Although I had not planned that part, when I purchased the iPad I also ended up buying the Apple iPad case as additional protection. I wanted some more “padding” around it because I would not be the only user of the iPad in the house and knew that extra protection would be welcome when used by the children.

iPad case and ZAGG invisibleSHIELD: a combination that works

With the Apple iPad case protecting all of the body except the face, so far I have only installed the front part of the invisibleShield. I might decide to install the back shield at a later time, but for now the combination of case and front shield is very good for protecting the device and since I don’t need to take the iPad in and out of the case all the time I am quite happy with that combination.

The angle provided by the case for typing is pretty good and make it easier to use when on a falt surface in front of you. I also have been using the iPad to type from my lap while travelling around and in that case I simply fold the front part of the case back and lay the iPad flat on my lap.

Some downfalls of the iPad case

Now for the things I don’t like as much. The iPad case is nice protection, but the material that it is made from gets dirty and shows marks very easily. I find that using the stand in landscape mode (to watch movies for example) is extremely unstable and I’m afraid that using it like that is just asking for an accident to happen and for the iPad to fall to the floor.

The verdict

I have to say that so far, although the iPad case is not perfect, I am very happy with this setup of the iPad case and ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD. I suppose now we only have to see if this combination will pass the test of time…

Is anyone else using this setup? What do you think?

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