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iPad 2 Accessory Giveaway: Sena Leather Folio

by on July 31st, 2011

It’s time for another fantastic iPad 2 accessory giveaway! Today, we are giving away the luxurious new iPad 2 Leather Folio (review) from Sena.

The Giveaway!

Today I have one black Leather Folio for iPad 2 to giveaway to iPadinCanada.ca readers!

The Sena Leather Folio delivers a sophisticated and functional case that provides a very strong level of device protection.

To win, simply comment below on the following:

1.) What could you do with the Sena Leather Folio for iPad 2?

Winner chosen at random; Contest ends August 1, 2011 at 01:30AM PDT.

Contest Rules

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.

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  • Bob

    If I won this gorgeous case, I would strut proudly in business meeting proudly displaying it in everyone’s face!

  • William

    I already has a small scratch on the glass 🙁 This case would be perfect 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Look like an executive.

  • Yukontina

    I could make a great impression at my new job!

  • AppleJF

    I could actually protect my ipads whole body, rather than just the screen!

  • Wilmach

    My ipad2 would look smart in this. [email protected]

  • Payner

    I would use the case for work and play, and would donate my smart cover free to someone in need.

  • Brian

    I could protect my iPad2 and keep it new looking!

  • Tony B.

    That’s truly a fantastic giveaway, the best till now for iPad2 !! With this luxurious Sena Leather Folio iPad cover, I can:

    1. Protect my iPad from any scratches from all sides
    2. Give my iPad a super luxurious look that will surely stand out
    3. Hold my business cards on the go
    4. Show my photo gallery in a very beautiful leather frame
    5. Tell everyone about how amazing you guys are for such generous giveaway!

    Thank you, and congratulations for the lucky winner!

  • Doug K.

    I could fire The Donald.

  • Carolynn F

    I could solve world piece. Or just have a really stylish case to brag about.

  • Carolynn F

    And learn to spell. Piece=peace. Lol.

  • Julia T.

    I just saw this leather cover today at the Apple Store and I was amazed by how beautiful it will be holding my iPad2. I never had such luxurious leather cover, and I couldn’t afford it right now. I will be very happy if I won this great giveaway.

    The Sena leather folio will allow me to give my iPad that luxurious look I’ve ever dreamed of… It will help me look more professional in my client meetings and will surely give me more self confidence! Oh and of course protect my iPad from all possible scratches…

    Whoever the winner will be, enjoy this amazing leather cover and make sure it will always stay on your iPad! 🙂 Thank you ipadincanada.ca team, you definitely rock!

  • Jstutz

    Great product. I would be proud to show off my iPad 2 using this case.

  • Ray Dosanj

    What could I do? What couldn’t I do!
    – scale mt everest
    – scale the shangri la
    – scale grouse via the grind
    – scale the hill between 6th and broadway
    – hmmm…maybe just have my iPad look damn good and be perfectly protected!


  • Gmac4

    The Sena case would make a perfect travel companion to my ipad 2!

  • powahh

    I would put my iPad 2 in there, and whenever people ask where I got the case I would reply “iPad in Canada DOT ca!!!”

  • Carol

    ‘What could I do?’
    Whatever I wanted and my iPad 2 would look stylin’.

  • Bluevektor

    I could travel in style and show off the case at meetings!

  • Peter

    This Sena Leather Folio would be great for business meetings and presentations. It could be the only thing you would need to carry and provide ou with the protection for the iPad2 during travel and provide a professional look

  • Jonb

    I could look very slick with my iPad 2!

  • IM

    I’d use it for work since it looks so professional and provides great protection.

  • Aaron Cameron

    I’d use this folio for work. This folio would provide excellent protection for travelling back and forth to work. This would also be an excellent wallet because I don’t like to carry a wallet around with me but I can put all of my cards in with my iPad 2. Last, with any luck, I could bring world peace with this beautiful product. 

  • Andre

    I would use the Sena Folio mainly to protect my investment. Look nice though.

  • Andre

    I would use the Sena Folio mainly to protect my investment. Look nice though.

  • A Sharma28

    I woul love to new leather folio case. Not only does it look classy but it would be great for me to take to work. Right now I jar have to smart cover and as nice as it is, it doesn’t look professional enough for my workplace. I have been looking for a case like this but could not find it.

  • Michael Skinner

    I would love a case for my iPad2 so it can leave the house without getting scratched. Thanks!

  • Laserheart

    It would be awesome to have a nice case like this.  Just got a new job, so it would be cool to show off my iPad in it.  email: rmanke at yahoo.com

  • Sheldon Torres

    I’ll  use it to protect my iPad.


  • Kevin

    I can carry my ipad to work and not worry about dropping it.

  • Home597

    Nice case

  • Jerry

    I’d love to have the Sena Leather Folio so I wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally dropping my iPad.


  • Anonymous

    I’d use it to bring it to work. It looks so professional!

  • Cdubb80

    it would hopefully save me from denting my ipad2 when i drop it again….

  • Leghole

    Sweet case, that would look great on my iPad 2.

  • Leghole

    Sweet case, that would look great on my iPad 2.

  • Ex

    – JonB

  • Rita

    Glad to see a Canadian viewpoint information site!  I very recently bought my iPad 2.  I have been trying to decide which would be the best case to use and haven’t gotten one yet, so this would be great.  Thanks for the contest.