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Incase Book Jacket Select (For New iPad) [REVIEW]

by on May 1st, 2012

The Book Jacket Select works comfortably with a bluetooth keyboard.

Apple’s Smart Covers have attracted millions with its clean, elegant design and undeniably useful magnetic screen on/off feature – even while leaving the back of the iPad exposed to the elements.

Incase has a case that seriously gives the Smart Cover a run for its money.

But for $45 CDN, it is one of the higher-priced options out there and it only protects your iPad’s screen.
While Incase has offered a book jacket in the past, their new Book Jacket Select offers all around protection for the New iPad, one of the first in the market made specifically for it.

But, If you still have an iPad 2, it will be a relief to know Book Jacket Select fits the iPad 2 comfortably, thanks to a small Velcro latch to the side.

If you already have their original book jacket, or a Smart Cover, Incase has released an alternative that is very hard to resist making the leap to.

The Book Jacket Select has a premium feel and professional look thanks to its leather-like feel and soft suede interior. The case adds some heft and weight to your iPad that might take some getting used to, but the iPad feels well-protected.

The material has a premium leather-feel without having to pay the premium.

Thanks to the case’s heft, when standing the case to set the iPad horizontally, the iPad does not feel
like it’s going to topple over, or the all-too-frequent, case caving in (due in part to their design and craftsmanship).

In addition to its clean, yet stylish design, the magnetic cover works like a charm and responds well, even when you open and close the cover rapidly. There are other cases with the magnetic covers out in the market, but none complement the elegant look of the iPad as well as the Incase Book Jacket Select.

This versatile case is one of the best all-around cases you will find for the iPad. It combines the features of many different functioning cases in one clean package that would work well in a business setting or to display in your home.

The Incase Neoprene case became ubiquitous with many MacBooks, and Incase has another hit on their hands with the Book Jacket Select.

Canadians should be able to find the Book Jacket Select (only in black for now) at stores across Canada like Schreter, Accesory Bar, Livestock and Spare Parts, and can special order the product if they are out-of-stock.

Demand is very high for this case (Incase’s American site has been sold out for a few days now) so if you come across it, you definitely must consider this case.

Incase has a winner with a sturdy stand feature that supports your iPad very well.

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