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HexaPose iPad Stand By InnoPocket

by on August 23rd, 2010

When the iPad launched, one of the more interesting accessories was a separate keyboard. At first, it seemed odd but as accessory stands for the iPad started to roll-out, users began to see how the iPad could turn into a portable iMac.

HexaPose iPad Stand by InnoPocket

The HexaPose iPad Stand essentially turns your iPad into a mini, portable iMac. The stand is almost identical to the iMac stand and the iPad clips into the stand to provide a mini desktop computing experience.

The Stand

While the accessory does not include a keyboard, this stand works best with a separate Bluetooth keyboard. The stand itself is made from aluminum and the clip that holds the iPad is made from polycarbonate. While the stand is tough and absolutely gorgeous, the polycarbonate clip for the iPad feels cheap.

Once the iPad is in the display clip, the assembly is then screwed into the aluminum stand where the iPad display can freely rotate vertically and horizontally and also pivot up and down within three pre-cut notches. The stand further includes a cut-out near the aluminum base where the iPad dock connector cable can be fished through.

The Display Clip

The biggest issue with this stand is the polycarbonate clip, as previously mentioned it feels cheap. While the clip allows users to rotate the iPad and ensure that the iPad does not fall from the stand, the clip holds the iPad too well. In other words, to pull the iPad out of the clip, I almost had to snap (read: break) the clips holding the iPad. It is too tight.

Additionally, once everything is put together, the weight of the iPad seemed to be pulling the rotating assembly toward the left, which then left the stand, with iPad, looking crooked. Above all, this was my biggest issue with the HexaPose. While this could have been unique to this review unit, it still makes me skeptical.

Worth it?

Overall, the HexaPose is elegantly designed and provides a great working environment if you have a Bluetooth keyboard. The stand is also a great accessory for watching videos or sharing photos. However, the polycarbonate clip with its cheap feel and much too tight grip should make you think twice before dropping $50.00USD.

The HexaPose is available for $49.99USD from the InnoPocket online store.

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