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Dark Chocolate iPad Case By Aligata.com

by on July 28th, 2010

We receive a lot of products here at iPadinCanada.ca and while some make the cut and get reviewed, others are returned or are simply set aside. We never want to review something that we do not believe in. In other words, if we¬† wouldn’t buy it, why would we review it to allow others to suggest that they should buy it.

Well, every once in a while there comes an item that is absolutely stunning. An item that feels great, looks great, and even smells amazing. In the time that this blog has been live, including our sister site iPhoneinCanada.ca, we have only been stunned by a product about two, maybe three, times over our many years.

The product I am referring to today is the series of real leather cases from Aligata.com.

Dark Chocolate iPad Case by Aligata.com

As you may have realized by now, I recently picked up an iPad case from Aligata.com.

The unboxing was magical. The case comes wrapped in a soft, grainy-type cloth that reinforces the fact that the case is made from real leather, not fake leather or neoprene, but real leather. Upon holding the case and viewing the all leather design, I immediately thought how will an iPad not slip out against the soft material.


Upon closer inspection of the case, I noticed a small round piece of soft, smooth plastic located dead-center on the backing of the case or underneath the Apple logo at the back of the iPad (when the device is in the case). This small piece of plastic actually prevents the iPad from shifting in the case and ensures that the iPad does not slip out of the case, for example, if I decided to hold the case upside down on the open edge.

When the iPad is in the case, the plastic piece is not visible. What is visible, however, is the chocolate brown color (almost black) and beautiful light white threading.

Since the case is crafted from real leather, it smells great! It is not very often that we can say a case smells great, but this case makes the grade. The leather exterior and interior is stiff but not too stiff and feels very nice in the hand. The weight is also light enough to carry around with the iPad but also heavy enough so that it feels durable and provides shock protection.

Like most iPad cases, the iPad slides in and a cover closes over the iPad display. Once the iPad is inside the case, every edge of the device is protected. In other words, you can drop your iPad with this case on every angle and the iPad would not be damaged. The front cover also acts as a stand, when folded behind the case, the iPad/case can be propped up for a good viewing angle.


But this case is both form and function.

One of the first things I noticed when opening the case was that the case is completely free of magnets, straps, velcro, zippers, branding, and signage. It is simple, pure leather. The case allows access to all of the iPad ports, such as the dock connector, light sensor, headphone jack, sleep button, and speaker. The Aligata cases bring the most pure merging of protection and elegance with an extremely high quality leather material.

The leather on the case also makes the case aesthetically imperfect and it is wonderful. The handmade genuine bovine leather almost has a personality, just like any real leather product would. The leather has small imperfections which further adds to the beauty of the product.


The Aligata cases are available from aligata.com.

The Dark Chocolate case, featured above, is available for $59.90. The company also has the following leather cases that are of the exact same quality and elegance, but with different colors:

A Great iPad Case

There really is nothing negative about this case. From the unboxing to practical use to taking the iPad out of the case, this is the most beautifully crafted, best feeling, and best smelling case I have ever touched, tried, and seen for any product.

When I first saw the price, I immediately dismissed the case. However, that assumption was very poor, as the case is worth every penny. The case provides beautiful design, solid protection, and a great feeling product.

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