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Child’s Play – Crayola ColorStudio HD Review [Video]

by on March 1st, 2012

There are a lot of different colouring apps in the App Store to chose from. But they’re basically all the same. So when Griffin announced it was working with Crayola on a new app and iMarker, I wanted to make sure I got it for my son.

He loves colouring, but on road trips, or when we’re out, it can be a hassle to carry around colouring books and crayons. So I thought Crayola ColorStudio HD would be the perfect solution.

You buy the proprietary stylus for $30 and then download the free app. Yes, you can use the app without the stylus, but you need the stylus to unlock all the features and colouring pages. No, you can’t use a regular stylus to unlock the features.

The stylus – or iMarker as they call it – requires batteries and makes a humming noise when it’s turned on. Also, the little Crayola logo lights up and changes colour. It has a removable cap, but it does’t fit on the other end. So if you’re not careful you could lose the cap.

The app itself offers a number of themes, each with a selection of colouring pages to choose from. You can also create your own colouring pages or you can simply draw on a blank piece of paper.

What’s cool about this app is portions of the pictures have movement, sound effects and there are even some pages with background music.

There are also several settings to choose from, most noticeably you can turn on “stay inside the lines” and “finger mode”. With finger mode you can use your finger or any other stylus to colour the pictures. However, when it’s turned on, the iMarker will not work. And similarly, when off, your finger or another stylus won’t work.

I will point out, if you have a screen shield on your iPad, turn on the finger mode. With a screen shield, the iMarker does not work well. You have to push really hard on the screen, and it’s not very responsive. This is a common complaint with this app.

When colouring you have plenty of choices of colours as you’d expect with a Crayola product. There’s even choices of crayon, pencil, marker, paint brush and an eraser.

Please have a quick look at my hands-on video review to see Crayola ColorStudio HD in action.

The $30 price tag is steep. Yes, you are getting a lot of functions not available in other colouring apps, but when it comes to colouring will your child care? That’s the choice you’ll have to make.

It is a lot of fun, but I will point out my son isn’t interested in using the iMarker or any other stylus for that matter. He’d rather use his fingers. So it is something to consider.

Let me know what you think.

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