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Bring Cars To Life – Cars 2 AppMATes iPad App Review [VIDEO]

by on August 7th, 2012

There’s no denying the success of the Cars movie franchise. The two movies have combined for more than a billion dollars at the box office, with millions more in merchandise.

So it’s a no brainer Disney/Pixar brought this franchise to your iPad in the form of an interactive game.

Cars 2 AppMATes is a free app for your iPad but to get the maximum amount of enjoyment, you should buy the cars accessories.

They come in packs of two and retail for about $20. It really depends where you can find them. The Apple Store is one of them. I’ve read you can also buy the single characters for about half the price, but I’ve never seen them in stores.

Each car depicts a different character from the Cars 2 movie. They have special sensors along the bottom of them so they interact with the game and to allow the game to differentiate between each one. The app knows which character you’re using at all times.

Here’s my video review of the Cars 2 AppMATes game in action…..

So from the video you can see the characters are very responsive within the game.

It’s really cool how they move and interact depending on how you move them and which way they’re facing.

With the various updates there is a lot more replay value, especially considering when it was first released you could only explore Radiator Springs.

Racing, collecting hubcaps, and upgrading your cars make this app a lot of fun for your kids, or yourself if you’re a fan of the Cars franchise.

As I mentioned in the video, the app isn’t perfect. There are times the cars will lose their connection for really no reason – it’s extremely frustrating when it happens during a race. And keeping the cars centred is also a challenge as you approach the corners of the screen.

The game is rated for ages 4+ , and I’d heed that recommendation. Our 3 year old son – while he enjoys it – gets somewhat frustrated because he doesn’t quite understand  having to keep two fingers on the cars so he doesn’t lose connection.

As I said, if you know someone who’s a fan of the Cars franchise, they’re really going to enjoy the Cars 2 AppMATes game.

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