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Architect Stylus – A Combination of Style & Functionality

by on February 24th, 2012

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in 2007, he famously said …

Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use a stylus.

But over the years, we’ve seen, especially with the iPad, there are more than a few people who want to use a stylus. Whether you’re drawing, sketching or even taking notes, using one has its advantages.

Arctic Accessories has developed a stylus it feels not only offers functionality, but style as well. They call it the Architect Stylus.

It’s made of Anodized Aluminium, so not only does it look professional, it feels really nice in your hand. It has a cap to protect the smooth silicon rubber tip. It unscrews and can be screwed onto the back of the stylus so you don’t lose it.┬áThe cap also has a hole so you can attach it to a lanyard.

The rubber tip is a little smaller at 7-mm compared to others that are usually about 8-mm. While not a huge difference, I’m told the smaller tip allows for more detailed work when sketching and drawing.

As for function, it works really well. It is very accurate and slides very smoothly across the screen. I was surprised how quickly I took to using it and how it really can be useful in a number of tasks.

I did notice for simple tasks like launching apps, scrolling and even playing games you have to apply a little more force than when using your fingers. But at no time did I feel I was pushing hard enough to damage the iPad or the stylus.

Here is my video demonstration of the Architect Stylus in action.

Overall, if you’re in the market or a stylus, give the Architect Stylus from Arctic Accessories some consideration.

What do you think? Do you use a stylus? If so for what, and if not why?

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