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Accomplishing Your New Years Resolutions with your iPad

by on January 3rd, 2012

2012 is upon us, and you know what that means? More New Years Resolutions that will flounder for a few weeks and abruptly disappear come spring. While many of our resolutions will never see fruition, I hope your most important ones won’t, and maybe the iPad can come to the rescue. Here are a few ways that your iPad can help.

Health and Fitness

Let’s be honest. The iPad isn’t exactly the most healthy of devices. It may help you get off the couch, but that only means sitting in bed playing Angry Birds or sitting in a coffee shop typing out my next blog article (no judging please!). It certainly doesn’t get you on the treadmill or watching what you eat…or does it? Fortunately, there’s plenty of apps and accessories that does exactly that. Here’s a few choice picks.

Eating Well

Weight Watchers – synonymous with weight loss and healthy eating has a freemium app available in the app store that brings many of the Weight Watchers benefits onto your iPad or iPhone. The free portion of the app is pretty much a healthy eating recipes listing that to inspire healthy living. It features success stories and other features that help encourage you to sign up for the paid service. The paid service opens up more features, recipes and tools that help you track your eating habits and overall health. If you’re already a Weight Watchers member, it’s definitely worth checking out in the App Store.

There are a number of other free apps available to help you staying fit, check out the My Heart&Stroke Health app from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Staying Fit

Weight Watchers is nice and all, but it doesn’t really get you off the couch and actually move. This accessory, however, may. The Scosche fitRAIL Mount is designed to hang your iPad on the treadmill for easy media consumption as you move. It’s pretty much like having a TV, book stand, and a desktop at your fingertips as you run. The perfect companion for the gym-goer in the winter. Find it at the Apple Store or online for about $50.

Measuring Improvement

But how do you quantify your progress? Well, the Withings Wifi Body Scale can help and even comes with a companion iPad app that allows you to track and share your progress. At $160, it’s not exactly cheap, but it does track your weight, BMI and other health metrics and sends it to the cloud to help you keep it handy wherever you are. If you’re more concerned about heart health, there’s the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock, which helps track and manage your blood pressure, and shares your information with those you care about.

Learning New Languages

If you’re looking for help learning new languages, I’d recommend Rosetta Stone‘s Totale app. It’s a free download, but requires a subscription service with Rosetta Stone to activate it. However, having some experience with the program, I have to admit that it’s worthwhile if you’re serious in learning a new language. Rosetta Stone too pricey? There are plenty of other solutions too – Living Language has a number of apps available for a wide range of languages with 11 free lessons on the app, and so does Berlitz. However, there are plenty of apps to get you started on a new language on the app store.

General Resolution Tracking

Your resolutions don’t really align with mine for 2012? There are a handful of apps that help you track and monitor your resolution progress throughout the year. There are a few available, including Unbroken Chain, Resolutions [2012] and New Year Motivation 2012. All three of which do more or less the same thing. None of these really stood out above the others, but all of them should do the trick.

Whatever your resolution this year, I’m sure the iPad will have an app or an accessory to help you along the way. Even a quick search for ‘self-help’ in the iBooks store turns up a lot of great resources to get started. Even if the Mayans are predicting the end of days this year, it’s still worthwhile to invest a bit more in yourself and work towards becoming a better you.

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