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30 Second Coat Hanger iPad Stand

by on May 24th, 2010

From the moment the iPad was released, people have been devising the most interesting iPad stands. So far we’ve covered the 89 cent iPad stand, the hockey puck stand, and the official Apple Dock and iPad Case (which I love). If you’re looking for a cheap iPad stand you can easily make one out of a coat hanger. Say what?! Yes, that’s right, a coat hanger.

Check out the following video tutorial that was posted on YouTube. What will people come up with next?


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  • Edge

    You totally got suckered – this was posted for pure SPAM advertising. You are now an SPAM accomplice.

    Oh ya, $500 iPad, freaking ugly stand… ya…. no!


    Ya RIGHT!! Wow. Ok, I'm impressed at the sheer creativity. Only if
    apple and Rogers were to be as excited and interested, we wouldn't be
    up late dreaming about the iPad we don't have,… Yet. I will admit, I
    have made my own iPad(s) out of cardboard a long time ago, so I can
    put the size of it in my hands already. Has any other anxious fan out
    there made thier own cardboard iPad? You do realize, this will now sit
    in my 30 second wire hanger stand!!

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  • Cerita

    I would be too worried about it scratching my iPad, so absolutely NOT! Too expensive to be using with a “make do”

  • Edge


  • Please feel free to come back and comment like a sane person when
    you're not high on drugs. Good day.

  • stonee

    Wow, that's wonderful, i have paid so many time to found a small device like this. I will try this when i watch movies with ipad stand on it. I'm glad to share info of ipad with you at the moment ipad is coming.

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