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RIM: Lamenting a Giant
by on April 17, 2012

It’s rare (but not unheard of) that I venture off into non-iPad related news and thoughts, but with RIM’s recent troubles and its future in doubt, I decided to take a look back and give RIM some of its undue credit. So, without further ado…

Oh, RIM. Where did you go wrong? You were once the Canadian tech industry darling, and now, you’re the butt of every joke from any tech … Read More

Must See: “Swiping Through Cinema, Touching Through Glass” [HD VIDEO]
by on April 16, 2012

Folks at BERG London, a network of expert practitioners in electronic and mechanical engineering, have just come up with something really amazing. Experimenting with product photography using cinematic techniques, the studio has come up with an interesting concept for shopping on iPad. By extracting images from HD videos of the products and controlling stuff like depth of field, focus, lighting, exposure, frame-rate and camera positions, they have taken exploring product imagery to a whole new level.

Read More

$249 To $299 iPad Mini To Hit The Stores In Q3 2012, Production Already Underway?

Looks like rumors of a smaller iPad a.k.a the iPad Mini are now getting hotter than ever. According to a new report by Kotaku (translated via NetEase), a 7.85″ iPad Mini, which is set to be released in Q3 of 2012, is already undergoing production in China. The report also claims that the smaller iPad will cost something between US$249 to US$299 and that there will be an initial … Read More

Marvel Releases Iron Man Mark VII Interactive Comic Book For iPad [Free Download]
by on April 14, 2012

Just ahead of Marvel’s upcoming The Avengers movie’s debut, a new interactive comic book for iPad has been released in the App Store, The Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII. The iPad exclusive app which has been developed by Marvel in association with Loud Crow Interactive, brings Tony Stark’s design logs to the tablet from the Mark I Iron Man suit through the new Mark VII suit. Best of all, this Retina iPad ready app is … Read More

Apple’s Price-Reduced iPad 2 Houses Same 32nm A5 From 3rd Gen Apple TV
by on April 12, 2012

Yesterday, we reported that a teardown of 3rd gen. Apple TV has revealed that it sports a newer A5 chip which contains a dual core processor, but with only one core operating. So, the folks at AnandTech couldn’t resist but check out Apple’s cost reduced 16GB iPad 2 (CDN $419) for the same processor and looks like they were right. The cheaper iPad, a.k.a iPad 2,4, does sport the same 32nm A5 chip but with both cores … Read More

Marketplace Posts Exclusive Video of iPads Being Made at Foxconn Factory Floor
by on April 11, 2012

Just a few days ago Marketplace reporter Rob Schmitz noted he was granted access to the factory floor at Foxconn’s Apple factory. Today, he posts an exclusive video of iPads being made and also writes a story documenting how life is for the quarter million workers here:

Marketplace Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz is only the second reporter ever to gain access to visit the factory floor at Apple’s … Read More

Global TV Shows iOS App Updated To Support New iPad’s Glorious Retina Display

The official Global Video app for iOS has just been updated to support the new iPad’s ultra-high resolution Retina display. The app lets users watch full-length episodes and clips for their favourite Global shows like Glee, House, Survivor, Hawaii Five-0, Prime Suspect and more. Best of all, the app is available as a free universal download on App Store.

Here is what’s new in Version 2.1:

– Re-added support … Read More

Readdle Releases Scanner Pro 4, All New Universal App With iPad Support

Readdle, the makers of best selling iPad apps like ReaddleDocs, Remarks and PDF Expert, have updated their popular Scanner Pro app to version 4 which now makes it a universal binary for iPhone/iPod and iPad. Scanner Pro 4, which is now available for download in the App Store, has been completely re-designed for the iPad, especially to get the most out of latest iPad’s 5-Megapixel camera. … Read More

Review: Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount
by on April 10, 2012

The kitchen is probably the only place in my apartment that Apple’s tech influence hasn’t really touched. Much of it has to do with the difficulty in setting up anything Apple in there. A desktop or laptop set up is generally out of the question given the sheer bulk of it, and the same can be said of an Apple TV. The iPhone’s screen is just too small, so the … Read More

Child’s Play: Hallmark Interactive Story Buddies [Video Review]
by on April 8, 2012

Reading with your child is a great way to bond with them and to improve their reading skills. As the iOS devices such as the iPad gain in popularity we’re seeing more reading and learning apps developed for young kids.

Hallmark has taken this to the next level with its Interactive Story Buddies.

They’ve come up with stuffed toys that interact with specific stories. We got my son Cooper … Read More

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