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iPad 1 iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Achieved by Pod2G
by on December 13, 2011

It looks like the iOS 5.0 untethered exploit discovered by pod2g has been successfully applied to the first generation iPad, as noted on his blog:

iPad 1 5.0.1 untethered

Code is done, testing tomorrow with a friend’s device.

Just to let you know my progress in real time.

He has also tested this iOS 5.0 untether on the following devices:

iPod touch 3g
iPod touch 4g
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
Apple TV2 on 4.4.3

There’s no ETA … Read More

Canadian Textbooks For iPad Coming Soon To iBooks Store

While this may sound a little too good to be true, Canadian textbooks are soon to make their way to your iPads as three Ontario-based firms are joining forces to offer a suite of digital services to textbook publishers in North America, Quill & Quire reports. A limited partnership of three companies constituting the AIC Publishing Services, has developed a working relationship with the U.S. firm Inkling who has already developed a … Read More

iPad 3 Could Be Coming in 3-4 Months [Rumour]
by on December 12, 2011

Digitimes notes next-generation iPads could debut in the next 3-4 months, based on information that supply chain makers have started to deliver new parts to factories for iPad production:

The next generation iPads are expected to be available in the next 3-4 months as makers in the supply chain have started delivering parts and components for the new tablets to OEM contractors while reducing those prepared for iPad 2, according to … Read More

Samsung Planning To Launch A Retina Display Tablet Before iPad 3?
by on December 10, 2011

BGR is reporting that Samsung is planning to launch its own retina-display tablet that will carry a screen with resolution as high as 2560 x 1600. According to the many rumors that we have heard so far, iPad 3 will sport a display with resolution of 2048×1536 which is far less than what Samsung is reportedly aiming for, ie. 2560 x 1600. But this could also be due to the large screen size … Read More

iPad 3 Launch Date in February with Retina Display? [Rumour]
by on December 8, 2011

With 2011 about to come to a close, that means iPad rumours get to start up again. This time around, Business Insider reports Citi analyst Richard Gardner ‘claims’ the next iPad 3 will launch in February, sporting the much anticipated Retina Display resolution we’ve all been acclimatized to since the iPhone 4:

According to “several sources” the next iPad will launch in February, and it will sport a screen … Read More

Play Xbox 360 And Playstation 3 Games On Your iPad With OnLive

OnLive the Cloud gaming firm has announced an amazing iOS application which enables its service subscribers to play from a catalogue of Xbox and PlayStation games (such as Rockstar Games’ LA Noire) on their iPads. While the iOS app is pending Apple’s final approval, it will reportedly be available as a free download on the App Store, meaning all you need to pay for is the games. There will also be an OnLive wireless … Read More

Ottawa Hospital Now Uses 3000 iPads Alongside its Native Health Software
by on December 7, 2011

Back in April, it was reported the Ottawa Hospital had taken the revolutionary plunge to adopt 1800 iPads as its primary access to electronic medical records (EMR). Seven months later, that total has reached 3000 total iPads to implement its native, secure, and intuitive EMR client developed by Select Start Studios, details the Tab Times. The Ottawa Hospital is the largest acute care hospital in Canada.

The man … Read More

iBooks For iPad Updated With Night Theme, New Fonts & Full Screen Support

Apple has updated its iBooks app to offer a new Nighttime reading theme for those that like to read late night as well as adding a full screen layout. Other improvements with iBooks version 1.5 include an improved set of fonts, a redesigned annotation palette, and new classic covers for public domain books. New font choices include Athelas, Charter, Iowan, and Seravek. Full Screen viewing option is also a welcome addition … Read More

App Review: BBC iPlayer
by on December 6, 2011

Oh, the BBC. Depending on your age and how you grew up, it can mean one of many different things. For some, it means Coronation Street and Little Britain, and for others, it means Doctor Who or Red Dwarf. And yet, for some, it means Top Gear and the Grand Prix. Surprisingly, the BBC has done what few other broadcasters have done – be something for everyone. With this in … Read More

Choosing A Tablet For The Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]
by on December 3, 2011

Get ready folks, the holiday shopping season is upon us. In case you are already thinking about what to buy for your loved ones this holiday season, may we suggest a tablet? Latest studies have suggested that everyone is tablet crazy these days, and 90% of North Americans either want a tablet or already own one. Some big name tablets which will be doing battle for your hard-earned cash this year include … Read More

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