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iPad 2 Jailbreak Coming In A Few Weeks?
by on May 16, 2011

p0sixninja, of the Chronic Dev Team, is reporting that the tool required to jailbreak the iPad 2 will be released within a few weeks.

The information comes from a video interview on Vokle where he further added that the jailbreak tool will be compatible with iOS 4.3 and later iOS versions.

The untethered iPad 2 jailbreak tool has been delayed since the device’s launch, but may soon be ready for general use!

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iPad Security and Best Practices for Administrators

For those of you who work with the iPad in a corporate environment, you may be interested to read the article that was recently published by the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC). CSEC has produced an iPad Security and Best Practices publication to assist Government of Canada (GC) departments when implementing and using the iPad.

The article identifies iPad security deficiencies such as:

Security assurance practices for third party applications;
Data on an iPad is … Read More

How Many iPad 2 Pics Are Uploaded to Flickr?
by on May 14, 2011

The iPad 2 introduced dual cameras, one on the front for FaceTime and the back for HD video recording and VGA snapshots. Yes, the camera on the iPad 2 is nothing to brag about and the quality is less than desirable. We already mentioned how using an iPad 2 in public just looks plain weird.

ElectricPig took the time to make a graphic of the number of Apple Flickr uploads … Read More

Samsung 2560×1600 Tablet LCD To Be Future iPad Retina Display?
by on May 13, 2011

Good news for those waiting for an iPad with a Retina Display, as we may see one next year! TUAW reports that Samsung is ready to demonstrate the industry’s first 2560 x 1600 10.1″ LCD next week at the SID Display Week 2011 International Symposium.

Samsung’s demo will mark the first time this display resolution has been available to the tablet market in 10.1 or less inches. While there is … Read More

WiFi Issues Are Back To Torture iPad Users On iOS 4.3.3
by on May 12, 2011

According to reports on Apple’s online support forums, many iPad users are reportedly having trouble connecting to WiFi hotspots.

Apparently after updating to iOS 4.3.3, an iPad connected to a WiFi network may start spontaneously dropping connections, repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting, or failing to connect at all.

Other reports point to the WiFi status as being misreported by showing a WiFi connection but not actually being connected. While … Read More

Labor & Material Shortages To Affect iPad Supply

DigiTimes reports that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is experiencing shortages of both labor and material required for iPad production.

Apple is reportedly one of the many companies still attempting to secure component supplies after increasing supply chain tightness resulting from the Japanese earthquake.

Taiwan-based electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is reportedly facing a shortage of both labor and materials at its plants in Chengdu, China, which … Read More

iPad Accessories From iThrough.com + Giveaway!

There are many retailers and online stores that offer cases for your iPad, however if you’re looking for a large variety, good quality, and low cost case for your device, check out the large online selection from iThrough.com.

iThrough.com Accessories

I was recently contacted by iThrough.com which is an online store that offers accesssories for only Apple products. After checking out their site, I was happy to see some good … Read More

AirPlay Now Available In CBC TV App
by on May 11, 2011

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has updated their CBC TV iPad app to now include AirPlay video streaming.

The CBC TV app is one of the few cable network apps to support AirPlay (video and audio) and is also one of the few apps in general to support AirPlay!

With an AppleTV and the CBC TV iPad app, users can now watch original CBC programming on their TV without cable service.

At this … Read More

Is Google Scared of Apple’s iPad?

It’s not a secret that Google has been slow in seizing the surge in the tablet market. We’re nearly midway through the year, and the only real Android iPad competitor is still the Motorola Xoom (though there are still some high hopes for Q3!). With Google’s IO developer conference starting yesterday in San Francisco, they’ve essentially laid down their tablet strategy for the next year, and it almost appears that … Read More

The iPad 2 As a Camera…Looks a Bit Off…

The iPad 2 comes equipped with a pretty weak camera. It can take 720 HD videos, but pictures are limited to VGA stills. When people use the iPad as a camera, it just looks…weird.

Case in point, check out the following picture taken by @axyprang, a screenshot from his TV. It’s a fan at a Canucks game armed with an iPad 2. I think I now know why Apple didn’t include … Read More

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