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The New iPad Smart Signs: Hands on at Apple Retail [Video]
by on May 22, 2011

Yesterday we posted about the makeovers at Apple Retail stores to utilize iPads as signage, which has been appropriately named, Smart Signs (so original, eh?!).

Today I visited an Apple Store in Vancouver and checked out the newest layout and was surprised at how many iPads are being used. Over 80 were used in one store at Richmond Centre, and the iPads are in total lockdown. However, we’ve received word … Read More

Apple Retail Stores Refreshed to Utilize iPads Instead of Paper Signage

Apple Retails stores have undergone a facelift and iPads have been implemented to replace paper signage. Rumours started via 9to5Mac that an Apple Store 2.0 update was coming, and the launch in Australia confirmed it.

Beside Macs, iPads, and iPhones you’ll see the use of iPads to inform customers about products. For Mac buyers, you can even customize your system right on an iPad, and tap a ‘call button’ … Read More

Foxconn Plant Explodes, Apple Issues Statement
by on May 20, 2011

The Foxconn factory in Chengdu, China that manufactures the iPad 2 suffered an explosion that has killed two workers. Apparently the explosion occurred in the building where flammable special dust is used to clean iPad screens, according to M.I.C. Gadget.

Foxconn’s statement, sent to Mobilized:

We can confirm that at approximately 7 pm on May 20, there was an explosion at our Chengdu campus. At this point, we can also confirm … Read More

Aperture For iPad Coming Soon?

Patently Apple reports that Aperture, Apple’s pro-level photo application for Mac OS X, may soon debut on the iPad. The news comes from various patents detailing methods of interacting with Aperture, such as through touch-screens.

Such a release would work nicely with the existing Apple apps already available to iPad owners. Since the original iPad release, Apple has debuted a redesigned iWork suite and the recent iMovie for iPad.

As indicated … Read More

Yahoo! Messenger Optimized For iPad, Adds Video Calling
by on May 19, 2011

This week Yahoo! rolled out an update to its popular Yahoo! Messenger application which makes the app universal across iOS devices.

The update also optimized the app for iPad, delivering an iPad-specific interface and further adding voice and video calling capabilities for the iPad 2! This is great news for Yahoo! Messenger users as now you can make video calls to any device with a camera and a compatible version of … Read More

Zeitag TO Delivers Toronto History For iPad

The Zeitag TO app for iPad is the first in a series of iPad apps that looks at the history of specific Canadian cities. In this case, the first app brings the history of Toronto, Canada via an interactive map.

Zeitag TO pinpoints your location and when in Toronto, displays historical photographs of nearby points of interest. Some of the photos date back to forty, fifty, or hundred years.

In the downtown … Read More

Playboy Archives Launching On iPad Tomorrow
by on May 18, 2011

Originally scheduled to launch today, the Playboy app for iPad is actually going to be available tomorrow.

However, the app will not be available via the App Store. Instead, it will be available as a web app at i.playboy.com.

Along with the web app, and not reported earlier, the Playboy release will also feature all back issues of the magazine as far as 1953. However, this extra content does come at a … Read More

1080p Camera Sensor To Be Featured In Future iPad?

Engadget reports that OmniVision Technologies, Apple’s current supplier of CMOS (camera) sensors for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, has reportedly announced a 5-megapixel camera sensor that is able to record 1080p video.

The great news about the sensor is that it is thin enough to fit in the iPod touch and iPad, which is unlike the current 5-megapixel sensor which can only fit in the iPhone 4.

This new sensor … Read More

Survey: How iPad Owners Use Their iPad

Apple introduced the iPad as a device that lived between the iPhone and the MacBook. After the device launch, many iPad owners did not know what to use the iPad for!

As tablets have become more mainstream, Business Insider has published data from a survey of over 850 users on a range of questions regarding the iPad and how it is used.

The survey revealed the following results:

70% of respondents had … Read More

Improving Workflow with KeyPad Pro
by on May 17, 2011

I wouldn’t be the first to compare the iPad as a definitively more powerful Wacom tablet, and I certainly won’t be the last (especially given their Cintiq line of LCD-based editing surfaces). It got me thinking, though, as to whether there are app-based solutions for the iPad that would accomplish the same thing, specifically any that would help with my Aperture photo-editing workflow. … Read More

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