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Microsoft missing the tablet boat
by on January 7, 2011

Instead of unveiling an elegant response to the iPad, Microsoft came to the tech industry’s premier gadget show with a collection of exposed computer guts, news about microchips and a shallow preview of yet another Windows.

So begins the MSNBC article – reposted from an Associated Press article – bemoaning the latest customary Microsoft keynote at the annual CES show this week.  Instead of that “elegant response”, what appeared to … Read More

The price of “open”.

I’ve been following – with some part trepidation and some part interest – the continued expansion of the Android operating system from Google as it matures and becomes a more prevalent OS.  Google has released – what? – 4 different OS updates in the last 9-12 months?  Maybe 5.  Each release brings improvements, refinements and more benefit.

A groundswell I am also starting to hear is “fragmentation”.  I first was … Read More

iPad 2 Mockups Reveal An Amazing Looking Device

It is a pretty safe bet to say that when second-generation machined aluminum iPad placeholders showed up at CES this week, people immediately began thinking “this is the next iPad”. It is no doubt that iPad fans liked what they saw.

But just like with any upcoming Apple product, someone makes some amazing looking mockups of what the device could be. In this case, MIC Gadgets brings us some … Read More

More iPad 2 Body Plates Seen At CES
by on January 6, 2011

As CES pushes on this week, more supposed iPad 2 devices are being revealed! It is said by Gopod, the folks who are showcasing the pictured iPad 2 device, that the iPad 2 shell represents the actual appearance of the unreleased thinner and slightly smaller iPad.

Today, these photos show an iPad 2 rear shell spotted at the 2011 International CES. The device seen in the photos, while not active, seems … Read More

Blackberry Playbook Calendar & Email Requires A Blackberry Device?! iPad Will Win 2011

After getting a hands-on and associated review of the Blackberry Playbook, Gizmodo found out a piece of crucial and unbelievable piece of information. In order for the Playbook to sync email and calendars, the device reportedly requires a Blackberry!

The question is: Who, besides BlackBerry users, is going to want to buy it? The core email and calendar apps are completely tethered to a BlackBerry. Without your BlackBerry, there … Read More

More Second-Generation iPad Hints Show Up At CES
by on January 5, 2011

With Spring 2011 getting closer and closer, and with all the rumors surrounding the second-generation iPad, it is almost as if the device already exists!

This week at CES, aside from iPad 2 cases being found, an actual physical machined aluminum mock-up of the expected iPad 2 was also found! The mock-up is used for case makers to show off their device cases, but this mock-up revealed some more information.

The iPad … Read More

CES 2011: Revenge of the Other Tablets
by on January 4, 2011

If memory serves, CES 2010 was the year Tablets came into common parlance to mean more than just pills or ancient runes found in archaeological dig sites. In fact, tablets were so big last year at CES, that every manufacturer and OS maker were pushing their contender in the space including Microsoft, Palm, Dell, Fusion Garage [remember the JooJoo], Notion Ink, and countless others.

Sadly, most of those are still vaporware … Read More

iPadinCanada.ca OtterBox 10% Off Coupon Code!

Have you been waiting to pick up an OtterBox Defender or Commuter case for your iPad (read our review here)? The wait is over as our friends at OtterBox are offering an exclusive 10% off discount code for iPadinCanada.ca readers!

All you have to do is enter the code amipic0111a during checkout. Time to ring in 2011 with some savings! Thanks OtterBox!

Click here to … Read More

Facepad for iPad just might be the ticket…
by on January 3, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Always on the prowl for new Facebook apps for the iPad, I stumbled across Facepad a few days ago and I’m pretty impressed.  An iPad-only Facebook app (but then why are you looking for an iPhone replacement?), it takes its lead from the official Twitter app (or so it appears) with “slide-across” panels and responsive features.  For now, its replaced my standard Friendly for Facebook app … Read More

BBC’s Dragons’ Den Says “I’m Out” To iPad! [Humour]

There is a Canadian television show on CBC called Dragons’ Den that has been quite popular over the last few years. The show features Canadian entrepreneurs attempting to sell their ideas to five wealthy Canadian “dragons”.

The dragons in the show are clever business people who are looking to invest their cash in the next big idea. When the dragons reject an idea, they say “I’m out”. On average, the Canadian … Read More