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Amazing Aquarium Clock 2 HD For iPad + Giveaway
by on October 8, 2010

Amazing Aquarium Clock 2 HD is the sequel to the original Amazing Aquarium Clock. Like its predecessor, the app is a simple and tranquil tropical animated clock app.

Amazing Aquarium Clock 2 HD by David iSoft

This time around, the app includes five new Coral Reef animated backgrounds and 31 animated tropical fish! Each background is fully detailed with gorgeous colors and specific coral reef attributes.

The animated fish, with the … Read More

Future iPad To Feature Dual Dock Connectors?
by on October 7, 2010

Today, Mission Repair posted a photo showing a new iPad back enclosure that features two dock connectors. The dock connectors seem to assist in landscape and portrait orientations.

The original iPad dock connector is still in the same place but now there seems to be a second dock connector on the side of the iPad.

Ask and you shall receive: Here’s a shot of an iPad back case showing the dock connectors … Read More

Release Of A 7 Inch iPad?

Rumours of a 7-inch iPad have been floating around even before the release of the original iPad. However, recently a Taiwanese components supplier is suggesting the possible specifications of the next generation.

According to a Wall Street analyst whom the suppliers spoke to, the new 7-inch iPad (2 times the display size of the iPhone 4) will exhibit a high resolution retina display (1280p) with a camera as well … Read More

Evernote: Once Burned, Twice Shy
by on October 6, 2010

Although this is my first official review of Evernote, it is not my first experience with it. Over the summer I used it for one class. It didn’t go well.

I liked the format, the Elephant logo, and the organization of notes. On that one fateful day, however, I almost gave up on Evernote for good.

Evernote Take One

I was typing notes in class, paused … Read More

iPad Adoption Faster Than DVD Players?

The iPad has had some spectacular sales and some analysts are comparing the rise of sales to the DVD player during the 1990s. Sales numbers are on the rise and continue to grow. Why is the iPad so successful? It is easy to use for everyone, including older adults and children alike. The App Store continues to be the backbone of what makes the iPad so successful.

Here’s a snippet of … Read More

[Sticky] Enter to Win our ZAGG iPad Giveaway!
by on October 5, 2010

This is the contest you’ve been waiting for everyone! We’ve teamed up with our gracious friends from ZAGG to offer up one FREE iPad just for readers of iPadinCanada.ca and brother site iPhoneinCanada.ca! I have been using their invisibleSHIELD to protect my iPad. They have upped the ante to offer a free iPad for all you fine folks.

It’s super easy to enter. All you have to do is … Read More

Review: Offline Maps Applications

As I briefly mentioned in my iPad travel recommendations a few weeks back, reducing your data usage while roaming can really help reduce costs on your trip. An offline maps application can really go a long way to do this.

One of the best offline maps app I’ve used to date is OffMaps by Felix Lamouroux. Like all offline maps applications, it’s powered by OpenStreetMap, and can tap into … Read More

Trouble Logging Into Public Wifi? [Quick Tip]
by on October 4, 2010

Day 1 of my trip to the UK and I immediately met with an iPad wifi woe trying to log into the hotel’s network. After connecting to the ‘open’ wifi I was taken to a login page that asked for both a username and a password, which had been provided by the hotel. I entered these but was left floundering on the login page. I couldn’t click on ‘Go’ from the … Read More

Enterprise iPad Security – The Controversy

Note to readers – before you begin reading this blog I would just like to inform you that it is a much longer and more technical blog than what you normally read on iPadinCanada.

Many business users want to know if the iPad is secure enough to implement in a business environment. This topic has created a lot of chatter within the security community. It has now become a heated discussion due … Read More

Good Luck Getting Annotations To Stick With GoodReader [Review]
by on October 2, 2010

The GoodReader PDF app recently got a huge update with the introduction of annotations arguably the most interesting of the changes (check out the long list on the developer’s website).

The new annotations function works beautifully and intuitively (once you understand that you annotate by pressing and holding the screen).

I had lots of fun marking up and adding notes (sad, I know) but felt totally cheated … Read More

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