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“Twitter” for iPad – Because There Weren’t Already Enough Twitter Clients
by on September 2, 2010

Yesterday was one heck of a day for we, the unholy legion of Apple fanbois. New iPod Shuffle (only $50!), iPod Touch (near-feature-parity with the iPhone 4), iPod Nano (touch screen, 1.5inch squared form-factor, added to Christmas list), AppleTV (umm… it’s small), iOS 4.2 preview for iPad (at least we finally got to see it!), a shiny new iTunes with music/social integration, and the notable exclusion of my favorite, but … Read More

Apple Posts iOS 4.2 Preview Page

Today, Apple has posted a new page on Apple.com previewing the features that iOS 4.2 will deliver to the iPad this November.

While the 4.2 update is geared mostly toward the iPad, the update is also for iPhone and iPod touch.

The new iOS 4.2 page highlights features such as Multitasking, Folders, Printing, AirPlay, Game Center, Improved Mail, Safari Text Search, Enhanced Enterprise Support, Accessibility Enhancements, and Keyboard and … Read More

Official Twitter for iPad App Now Live!
by on September 1, 2010

When Loren Brichter had his company Atebits acquired by Twitter, his app Tweetie morphed into the official twitter app and became free for iPhone users. As for iPad users, we’ve been waiting for a usable free app. Sure, there are some nice ones out there such as ShinyTweet and Flipboard.

Well, the wait is over as the official Twitter app for iPad has been released for free in the … Read More

Apple Previews iOS 4.2; Available November 2010

This morning at Apple’s September music event, the company previewed iOS 4.2 for iPad.

iOS 4.2

In an unexpected move, this morning Apple provided a preview into the upcoming iOS 4.2.

iOS 4.2 is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad but the real focus is for iPad. Essentially, iOS 4.2 is bringing every single feature of iOS 4.1, such as folders and multitasking, to the iPad that the iPad can support. However, … Read More

Meet The New Kid In Class

This summer I had the best day of my university career. It was the first day of a summer class, students were arriving and pulling out their Macbooks or other net books getting ready to take notes, and I watched them all anxiously.

After almost everyone had their computers set up, I reached into my small shoulder bag and put my iPad on the desk in front of me. … Read More

Just Mobile UpStand For iPad

Right now I use the official Apple iPad Dock with my iPad. I use it only for charging over night and I have been looking for a dock to use at my work desk.

At first I considered getting a second Apple iPad Dock but while the Apple Dock is great for charging, it does not allow me to rest the iPad in landscape or easily remove the iPad from the … Read More