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Dev-Team: No Jailbreak Coming For iOS 3.2.2
by on August 26, 2010

Today, the Dev-Team announced that there will not be a jailbreak coming for iOS 3.2.2.

With the Jailbreakme.com being one of the most successful and easiest jailbreak methods ever to jailbreak iOS 3.2.1 and earlier, Apple quickly closed that hole with iOS 3.2.2.

If you have updated to iOS 3.2.2 or received a new iPad with iOS 3.2.2, there is no official jailbreak method at this time.

Since Apple only released iOS 3.2.2 … Read More

The iPad Plays Music Too!

So by now, most of us already know about the Apple special event that is coming up on September 1st. With an Apple logo as the sound hole of guitar, that just may be a *subtle* hint that this event will be focused on the musical side of Apple.

Of course as with any special Apple event, there are rumors flying all over the place already. Some rumors about small … Read More

iPad Smudges Be Gone: Micro Fibre Cloths from The Source
by on August 25, 2010

Between my oily fingers and my toddler’s obsession with Plants vs. Zombies, I’d all but given up on ever having a clean iPad screen again.

Then someone told me about micro-fibre cloths. With my tubs full of cables, computer accessories and various connectors you’d think I’d have dozens lying around my house. But somehow I missed the memo on their existence. If you’ve never used one before, you’re in for a … Read More

Your Entire Video Library – Streamed To Your iPad!

The Apple iPad is quickly become one of the world’s best consumption devices for web content, audio and video.  One obvious key feature of the iPad is it’s generous screen size – which makes it the ideal device for watching movies.

Up until a few weeks ago, my video watching capabilities were limited to sync’d content from my iTunes library, web content and YouTube.  Well, these limitations are a thing of … Read More

Send Links from Chrome to Your iPad…Kind of
by on August 24, 2010

Jealous that your friends running Android 2.2 can send links from their Chrome browser to their Android phones directly? If so, then be jealous no longer. An enterprising developer by the name of Tom Lerendu has created a Chrome extension called Chrome to iPhone that mimics its Android cousin’s functionality. Install the extension in Chrome, and it will walk you through setting it up on your iPad, or other iOS … Read More

WSJ: iPads Gaining Acceptance In Business

It is no secret that Apple has had difficulty breaking into the business/corporate market, an area currently dominated by the Windows brand. However, in recent weeks, Apple has been gaining some ground within the business/corporate sector in both the USA and Canada.

Specifically, the Wall Street Journal is reporting how the Apple iPad is finding a home in many businesses and corporations. This is an interesting development since the iPhone was … Read More

Apple Shuts Down Quattro Ad Network – It’s a Really Bad Idea

Apple announced last week that they will begin to slow down their Quattro mobile ad network for an eventual shutdown on September 30th. In doing so, they will also shift their entire focus onto their iAd platform, where they will make money. Hopefully, a lot of money.

Should be a win-win for Apple and iOS users alike, no? As a marketing professional and an Apple lover, I understand where Apple’s coming … Read More

Review: The Globe and Mail App for iPad

If you’re anything like me in the morning you roll over, unplug your iPad from the charger and see what’s happening in the world.

I have a pretty reliable system: first I check Facebook, then Twitter then The Globe & Mail app.

What sets The Globe & Mail apart from more established news apps is its uniquely Canadian perspective on the news.

The app does a great job of … Read More

Kaplan Launches Free iBooks for Back To School

As the summer winds down, and school starts up again, some of us are thinking hard about university applications and entrance exams. To celebrate this occasion, Kaplan is releasing a number of their college prep series of iBooks for free. Until August 30th, prospective college and professional students can download a plethora of new books through iBooks.

Their free iBook selections range from SAT and GMAT prep all the way … Read More

Fotopedia Heritage – Your Photographic Guide To the World

Being a fan of crowd-sourcing, it would come as no surprise that the concept of Fotopedia would greatly appeal to me. If you haven’t heard, Fotopedia is the world’s first collaborative photo encyclopedia. Think of it like Wikipedia but with gorgeous pictures of places from around the world. If you’re a photographer or an photo enthusiast, I would definitely recommend you checking out this app and the … Read More

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