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The iPhone Podcast Episode 8 Now in iTunes
by on July 7, 2010

For those looking for some of the latest iPad and iPhone OS discussion, be sure to check out The iPhone Podcast, our newest podcast that is burning up the charts in iTunes Canada. Hosted by Justin Luey and myself, we cover the latest iPhone and iPad news.

We use everyday language so everybody can understand what’s going on. Listen in if you want to hear about the latest iPhone/iPad … Read More

Apple Updates MobileMe iDisk For iPad & Multitasking
by on July 6, 2010

Today Apple updated its popular MobileMe iDisk app to version 1.2 that featured many new enhancements.

The new update has shifted the MobileMe iDisk app to a universal application that supports both the iPhone and iPod touch and now also the iPad.

The update also brings support for multitasking for iDevices running iOS 4 and also integration of outside applications, such as iBooks, for opening and sharing documents. The new … Read More

How to Upload PDF Files to iBooks on your iPad/iPhone

Canadian iPad users not only had to wait for the iPad to arrive in Canada, but we also waited for the Canadian iBookstore to sell books. The iBooks app was recently updated to include .PDF support. Users can view their .PDF files within iBooks and avoid the extra step of going through an app like GoodReader.

How to Upload .PDF Files to iBooks on your iPad/iPhone–the Easy Way

There … Read More

Beyonce iPad Finger Painting–Impressive!
by on July 5, 2010

The iPad is capable of some incredible things, thanks to its large multitouch display. What about using the iPad as a canvas for artwork? Artist Kyle Lambert from the UK managed to create a work of art in 6 hours. His masterpiece? A portrait of R&B diva Beyonce. The tools required for the following was his finger and the iPad app Brushes.

“My artwork combines traditional painting techniques with cutting edge … Read More

“Frash” To Bring Adobe Flash to the iPad!
by on July 4, 2010

Comex, creator of the  Spirit jailbreak and the Bannerbomb exploit for Nintendo Wii, is working on bringing Flash to the iPad. A new video has been posted showing a few Flash based websites running in MobileSafari, on the iPad. This is something a lot of users of the iPad have said is missing on Apple’s tablet. There is no release date fo this yet, but this could bring a lot … Read More

HOT DEAL: 60% Off iPad Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/Folio
by on July 3, 2010

We have a deal that will appeal to those iPad users with “Amerifriends”–friends that live in the USA that can order things online for you. The latest deal comes from Amazon.com, which has listed the Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket/Folio for the iPad for only $26.25US. The regular price is $79.99, so you’re saving $53.70, a 60% off discount!

From the Amazon description, this … Read More

Enable Unique Symbols On Your iPad Keyboard
by on July 2, 2010

The iPad keyboard comes with many of the standard keyboard symbols that most PC and Mac computers feature. To view them, simply tap and hold on any key on the iPad keyboard and a few symbols relating to that specific key will be displayed.

But the iPad keyboard is also missing many symbols such as the Apple logo (found on Mac computers) or other unique characters. If you want to enable … Read More

National Film Board of Canada brings App to iPad
by on July 1, 2010

Well, its no ABC, or NetFlix, it’s not even Hulu, but it’s something. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Canada Day than downloading this free App and enjoying some quality Canadian film content.

Details, from the Winnipeg Free Press:

The National Film Board of Canada’s award-winning app is now available for the iPad.

The app allows streaming of more than 1,000 documentaries, animated shorts and trailers, including some in … Read More

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