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Dropbox for iPad Now Available!
by on May 3, 2010

If you’re not using Dropbox yet, you’re missing out on one of the best free online storage services. iPhone users have been using Dropbox for a while now. Now, iPad users can join in on the fun as the Dropbox app is available for download. Here’s the official App description:

Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers.

App features:
- Access your … Read More

Apple Sells One Million iPads in 28 Days

Well we knew this was coming. With all the hoopla involving the iPad, today Apple officially announced that one million iPads have been sold. This is particularly impressive given that tablets have never been successful in the past until now. Here’s what Steve Jobs had to say in an official news release by Apple:

One million iPads in 28 days—that’s less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve … Read More

Spirit Jailbreak Released! How To Video!

It’s finally here. The tool you need to jailbreak your iPad. The Spirit jailbreak is available to download now, from their website. It works on Mac and Windows, to jailbreak ALL Apple iDevices, on OS 3.1.3, and 3.2, untethered. Also, another reminder to back up your SHSH blobs.

Although, you can now jailbreak your iPad, the application for installing 3rd party apps, Cydia, is still in beta … Read More

First Impressions of the iPad 64GB 3G+Wifi
by on May 2, 2010

I’ve been trying to get my hands on an iPad since the initial release, but as we all know, they’ve been sold out and when in stock they’ve managed to vanish in matter of hours. Unfortunately for me, the closest US Apple store is a 2 hour drive and a customs headache. On Saturday, however, I decided to take the trip to Buffalo and pick up the iPad 3G.

My original … Read More

iPad 3G Hacked by MuscleNerd to Send SMS Messages

The iPad 3G has been jailbroken and torn apart in just a matter of days. Now it has been hacked by MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team to send SMS messages. Here’s what he had to say:

This was sent using a raw AT+CMGS command sent to the iPad baseband. That’s because so far, MobileSMS.app from the iPhone doesn’t run properly on the iPad.

This iPad is using … Read More

iPad 3G Teardown by iFixit

The iPad 3G was released in the US yesterday. Of course, the team at iFixit has already posted their teardown. We wouldn’t expect anything less, right? So just what did this teardown reveal inside the iPad 3G model?

Some notes from the iFixit team:

Apple soldered the EMI shield onto the communications board, making it challenging for us to show you the chips. Despite this adversity, we pressed forward undaunted, … Read More

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