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USA iPad Launch Misc. News Round Up
by on April 3, 2010

The iPad is here. Yes, that’s right. Today is the day the internet will partially explode due to limitless unboxing photos and user reviews of the iPad. So far, iPad experiences have been extremely positive. With so much to talk about, this post will contain some miscellaneous iPad articles that you will find interesting.

The Apple PR machine is in overdrive right now. iPad on the web. iPad on TV. It’s … Read More

Two New iPhones, One New iPod Touch & One New iPad

The iPad was officially released today and many eager Americans, and Canadians, finally got their hands on the device. So now that the iPad is out, it is time to speculate about version 2.0.

Reports have come in of users digging through the iPad file-system and locating references to a slew of new and upcoming Apple devices.

The references found within the iPad file-system are:

1.) iPhone3,2
2.) iPhone3,3
3.) iPod4,1
4.) iProd2,1

The first two references … Read More

Are You In Line Right Now for An iPad?

Good morning! The countdown is almost at zero for the USA launch of the iPad. However, just because it’s debuting in the States only isn’t going to stop Canadians from heading down South. I know many people are probably either in line right now or will be at some point to pick up their pre-ordered iPads.

Apple.com has changed to reflect the arrival of the iPad:

Where Are You Waiting … Read More

19 Things the iPad Will Absolutely Kill
by on April 2, 2010

Daniel Eran Dilger from RoughlyDrafted Magazine has written a witty and clever article titled, “iPad, the destroyer: 19 things it will kill.” What is the premise of this lengthy and thorough article? It’s based on the following:

Pundits, particularly of the Windows Enthusiast variety, don’t understand the iPad. It won’t kill the netbook and certainly can’t kill the notebook, they tell us. If only they knew what the iPad was really … Read More

iPad To Reveal “One More Thing” At Launch?

With the iPad launching TOMORROW, everyone’s focus has been which ever Apple Store they are going to visit to buy the device. Reports have begun to surface regarding inventory at some Apple Stores as well as the security that will be present during launch day.

People familiar with the matter have indicated that the iPad launch will have overnight security patrol at the US Apple Stores, mostly designated to monitor the … Read More

FCC iPad Tear Down Pictures Revealed–Before the iPad Launch!

Now is this something you won’t see on Apple’s iPad guided tours. The FCC has posted tear down pictures of the iPad and they have been posted on the web by iFixit. The large image shows circuit boards and batteries. It’s crazy how Apple was able to cram all this into the super thin iPad.

Apple had sent a confidentiality request for these pictures to be kept in the dark … Read More

Gmail Web Interface Updated for iPad!

I thought Apple and Google were rivals? Either way, Google continues to support the iPhone OS ecosystem, and now they have updated their Gmail web interface for the iPad that will debut tomorrow in the USA.

Here’s the description

While surfing the web on your iPad, we expect many of you will want to check your Gmail. If you go to gmail.com in your browser, you’ll see something different than what you’re … Read More

PCMag iPad Video Review

In case you haven’t seen any videos for the iPad yet, PCMag has done a review on the iPad  and posted a 5 minute video. It highlights the inherent iPad applications and provides a high level overview of some third party applications.

I found this video very informative and fun to watch. The video gives you a feel for the iPad capabilities and identifies a few of the pros and cons … Read More

Accessorise your iPad

I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the ultimate iPad. After reviewing the videos that Gary posted here on our blog http://www.ipadincanada.ca I have become even more excited to receive my first iPad.

Keeping the iPad and my business needs in mind, I found myself buying a purse large enough to ensure I can carry around my new “best friend”.  … Read More

Apple Now Has an App Store on Facebook

If you are like most of us you either have a Facebook account or at least have heard about Facebook. I guess Apple thinks that Facebook is here to stay and has launched its own App Store on Facebook. Similar to its previous Facebook page for iTunes, Apple has now launched an official App Store page where the company plans to dish out “free exclusive … Read More

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