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BugMe! Sticky Notes for iPad
by on April 7, 2010

Have a lot to do? Need to quickly write down a note or reminder? Check out BugMe for iPad to use your finger to make reminders!

BugMe! Sticky Notes by Electric Pocket

BugMe is a great app that allows users to use their finger as a pen to quickly create sticky notes and set reminders for any task.

Aside from making notes and reminders with various paper … Read More

iPad & iPhone OS 4.0 To Receive Printing Support
by on April 6, 2010

While the iPhone OS 4.0 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch is widely expected to bring many enhancements such as true application multitasking, the iPad in specific is now being rumored to support printing functions in the next firmware version.

The Apple support pages for iPad’s versions of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers each indicate that “printing directly from iPad is not currently available”:

Printing directly from iPad is not currently … Read More

iFixit Tears Down the iPad A4 Chip

You saw images of the FCC iPad tear down released prior to the iPad’s launch. Comparisons were also posted against the Snapdragon from the Google Nexus One. Well, this time around the team at iFixit dissected the entire iPad themselves, with close attention to the latest Apple A4 processor.

Apple developed this processor themselves and it’s definitely a screamer. But what did the iFixit team discover, after … Read More

Cydia Running on the iPad!

Exciting news for the jailbreak community today. Over the weekend, we saw the iPad released and then jailbroken within a 24 hour period. Today, we get the news that Cydia has been ported to the iPad, and is up and running!.

The iPad has been jailbroken with the new “Spirit” jailbreak, developed by @comex. The jailbreak is a good first step, but having Cydia running on the … Read More

iPad In-Depth Review: An Amazing Output Device

In typical minimalistic fashion, the packaging is more environmental than impressive, however the first thing you realize when you take the  iPad out is how sleek it feels. The weight isn’t heavy, but has a solid feel to it. Most people claim it’s “light” on first touch, whereas kindle user proudly claim that its “3 times heavier than the kindle”. The black glass front, slim-line profile and smooth aluminum backing … Read More

Skype on iPad: Stays Connected Even in Sleep Mode

Are you an avid Skype user? Skype on the iPhone is awesome as you can make calls over WiFi (and 3G if your phone is jailbroken). There is no 3G version of Skype yet for either the iPhone or iPad yet.

On the iPhone, if you have Skype launched your WiFi connection shuts off if your iPhone goes into sleep mode. This causes Skype to lose its connection.

However, on the iPad … Read More

My Initial iPad Impressions

I’ve had it for a little over a day, but long enough to form some definite impressions that are likely to last.

Should I have waited for the 3G version? I decided against buying the high-end 3G, 64 Gig model because I expect before too long a second generation iPad with new features will come to market. If my iPhone purchase history is any guide, I’ll be first in line … Read More

Watch An iPad Unbox Itself–May Scare Children [Video]
by on April 5, 2010

Unboxing an Apple product is an experience in itself for some people. Sure, it’s just taking a product out of a box but when it’s designed with purpose in mind it can be a lot of fun. It was so much fun unboxing an iPad for Brian Stark that he decided to make a video out of it.

Except this video is an iPad unboxing itself. It may frighten young … Read More

PC World iPad Stress Test: Buy a Case! [Video]

PC World first shocked the world with their iPhone stress tests from a while back. They put the iPhone through hell and it did not survive. They have now repeated this process for the iPad! Here’s a snippet of what their results were:

Though the touchscreen itself held up well and still responded to touches and gestures, a strip of garbled pixels appeared at the top of the display … Read More

ZAGG: Win a Free iPad Every Week in April Contest!

Do you have your iPad yet? Can’t get one because you’re in Canada? Didn’t get one because you don’t “need” one yet? Well, forget about buying one, why not win one for free from ZAGG?

From the makers of the invisibleSHIELD, ZAGG is holding an iPad giveaway for the month of April. Each week they will pick one lucky winner of an iPad! The invisibleSHIELD is … Read More

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