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[UPDATE] Geohot Shows More Proof of iPad Jailbreak
by on April 9, 2010

If you’re not familiar with George Hotz (aka: geohot), you should be! šŸ˜‰ He was the original guy who figured out how to unlock the iPhone. At that time it was a hardware unlock, and geohot had people around the world cracking open their iPhones, so that they could use them on their local carrier.

So, Apple releases the iPad, less than a week ago, and geohot is back … Read More

Better Business Bureau iPad Warning

We have all seen emails that promise to deliver you money, gold and riches for only pennies. During the infancy of the Internet, many of us were tricked into believing some of these scams. As time goes on and we become more aware of these scams, most of us no longer get “duped” by these scams. This resulted in a huge financialĀ  loss to the scammers of the world.Ā  As … Read More

iPhone OS 4 Coming to the iPad in the Fall, Not Summer

You probably read about the preview of Apple’s iPhone OS 4 from yesterday. There were a tonne of new features previewed, with one of the most important ones being multitasking.

The iPhone OS 4 preview was all fine and dandy until Steve Jobs mentioned it would be arriving in the Fall, instead of the Summer when iPhones would be getting the newest update. What would Apple’s reasoning be … Read More

Reading Books on iPad Versus Kindle
by on April 8, 2010

Iā€™ve used a Kindle for over a year. Recently, waiting for an interminable car repair, I had an opportunity to spend several hours reading a book on my iPad. Night versus day!

I had always loved my Kindle, and have spent many pleasurable hours with it, despite its idiosyncrasies and vexations. I assumed all ebook readers would behave similarly, and just sucked it up.

Chief among Kindle’s idiosyncrasies are the bizarre ā€œlocation … Read More

Apple Debuts iPhone OS 4.0 For iPad; Due Fall 2010

This morning at Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 event, the company officially introducedĀ  iPhone OS 4.0 for iPad. iPhone OS 3.2 made its debut on the Apple iPad andĀ  now the new tablet computer will receive a 4.0 refresh.

With the debut of iPhone OS 4.0, Apple introduced over 1,500 new API’s and has revealed 100 new features, many of which have been long time wishes of many … Read More

iPad App Tracker

After having an iPhone for several years Iā€™ve become accustomed to my favorite iPhone app sites. Each site offers a different view on iPhone apps such as what are the best iPhone games, books, videos , etc. So what about the iPad? I havenā€™t been able to locate a comprehensive iPad app siteā€¦.until now.

PadGadget has created a new area on their web site for iPad apps. They … Read More

7-inch Mini-iPad Coming Spring 2011?

This morning Digitimes is reporting that Apple may be building a new 5-7 inch mini-iPad for the first quarter of 2011. The report indicates that the price would be sub-$400, which would place this product between the full Apple iPad and a fully subsidized iPhone.

A smaller iPad would definitely be targetting smaller mobile devices such as Dell’s Mini 5 but a lower price would put a new iPad directly in … Read More

How to Tether Your iPhone Data Plan to the iPad

Do you have an iPhone in Canada? If you do, then most likely you also are subscribed to a monthly data plan. Rogers debuted their 6GB/$30 data plan after iPhone 3G owners were disgusted with their original prices. If you’re lucky to have that plan–hold onto it.

What about iPad Pay As You Go data plans in Canada? We haven’t heard anything from the “Big 3” telcos (Rogers, Bell, Telus) … Read More

Using Your iPhone to Take Pictures With Your iPAD
by on April 7, 2010

While we wait patiently here in the Great White North for the arrival of the iPad, some great new apps are popping up. Although I don’t have my iPad yet I’ve been hunting down apps that may be useful once I do.

As we all know, the iPad doesn’t have a camera yet, which means no pretty pictures while you’re out and about fooling around with your latest toy. Luckily, developer … Read More

Apple iPad Components Cost Start At $259

According to an iSuppli report, the components cost to Apple for the iPad begin at $259.60USD. That cost represents the 16GB WiFi iPad which retails for $499USD. However, do note that these particular costs by iSuppli do not include such items as development and patent costs.

The most expensive component for the iPad, and also the largest, is the 9.7-inch display coming in at a cost of $95USD. The 32GB WiFi … Read More

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