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iPad invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG Review
by on April 16, 2010

If you’re an avid reader of our sister site, iPhoneinCanada.ca then you probably know about the invisibleSHIELD. ZAGG’s full body screen protectors have been on all of my iPhones! The original iPhone (which was given to my mom!), the iPhone 3G (which my wife uses), and my iPhone 3GS have all remained in perfect condition thanks to the extra protection from these ‘skins’.

iPad … Read More

iPad Gelaskins Review

Gelaskins have been around for a while now, making skins for all kinds of devices. I’ve been using them on my iPhones and iPods, but they also make skins for laptops, netbooks, gaming consoles, and more. They feature original art from some great artists, all over the world. They also have some licsensed skins from big names like Marvel and National Geographic.

Joining their fleet, is the iPad. Gelaskins … Read More

Apple’s Steve Jobs Confirms Simultaneous Launch Of 3G & WiFi iPads For May 2010
by on April 15, 2010

Yesterday Apple publicly announced the one month delay for the international launch of the iPad. As we recover from the bad news, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has responded to more user emails regarding the iPad launch.

When asked if the iPad 3G model would also be released worldwide at the end of May 2010 alongside the WiFi model, Jobs responded:

Both models will be released at the end … Read More

Babylonian Twins For iPad

Need a new game for your new iPad? Babylonian Twins takes twin princes of Babylon, Nasir and Blasir, in a quest for peace in ancient Iraq. If you enjoy fun and fast action puzzle platformers, give Babylonian Twins a check.

Babylonian Twins by Cosmos Interactive Inc.

Babylonian Twins uses a unique role playing setup that I haven’t seen on an iPad game before. Unlike most games that … Read More

Apple Advertises Job For iPad Camera Engineer

This is going to hurt. Badly.

Back in February, a job posting on Apple’s job website was spotted advertising a position for a camera engineer for the iPad. It seems that even today, after the iPad launch, the position still remains to be filled or is being used to bring on more people. Check out the description:

Job title   Performance QA Engineer, iPad Media

Country   United States

City   Cupertino

Job description … Read More

Cats and Dogs Love the iPad Too

Everyone is talking about the iPad. It’s too bad Canadians will have to wait till the end of May to get their hands on one (unless you buy from the USA! Read our FAQ!). What about animals though? Our furry friends love to play all the time right? In particular, what would happen if we unleashed our iPads on our dogs and cats?

Well, you might witness some … Read More

FAQ: Canadians Buying iPads from the USA
by on April 14, 2010

Okay, so it looked like the April 24th rumour about the iPad launch in Canada has taken a twist. Not because we were wrong, but because Apple threw everybody a curve ball. I’ve spoken to my source and the so called ‘black out’ date still stands, and actually has been extended into May.

The iPad will be released on May 29th in Canada, with preorders starting on May … Read More

Preorder The iPad In Canada On May 10; Release On May 29

Setting aside the disappointment that Apple has pushed back the international iPad launch to May 2010, Canadians finally have an official date for the preorder availability of the iPad.

Apple has announced that May 10, 2010 will be the day that Canadians can finally preorder the iPad for purchase within Canada. It is likely that May 10 will allow both the WiFi and 3G models of the iPad to be … Read More

App Review: All of Wiki Offline

One of the limitations of having the WiFi only model of the iPad, is the possibility that there will not be a hotspot everywhere you go, resulting in times where you have no connectivity at all. So, what happens if you and and your friends are arguing about a specific detail of whatever topic you’re on? Normally, you might jump on Wikipedia to look it up, but with no internet … Read More

22 Really Useful iPad Tips

As I’m sure most of you are, I’m very disappointed about the delay in the iPad coming to Canada. I was actually planning a trip that was booked around the release of the iPad. Oh well, one good thing about the delay is that we have more time to learn about how to use the iPad, and who knows maybe all of the “bugs” will be worked out of the … Read More

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