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iPad SDK Indicates New Widget, URL, Dictionary Features
by on February 19, 2010

The iPad SDK is currently testing iPhone OS 3.2 and the new firmware includes some new features that may make their way to the iPad.

According to a report from AppleInsider, firmware 3.2 has a new feature that focuses on what may become widgets, as well as other features regarding URLs and dictionaries.


Earlier this month we reported on the potential of widgets, similar to what is seen on Dashboard … Read More

iPad E-Book Bestsellers To Sell For Less Than $10?
by on February 18, 2010

When Apple debuted the iPad, one of the killer apps was iBooks and the iBookstore where users could download reading material right on the device.

However, Apple also set out to increase the price target to over $12 – $15 for selling bestseller books, when traditional book sales cost approximately $9.99 from companies such as Amazon and their Kindle. However a new report indicates that not all publishers will be following … Read More

1Password for the iPad Preview

One of my most used apps on my MacBook Pro is none other than 1Password. Hands down, it is the best applications ever created for the Mac. 1Password for the iPhone is equally good as you can sync all your data to the iPhone. What about 1Password for the iPad?

1Password Mockups for the iPad by the Agile Team

Yesterday the Agile team posted on their blog a … Read More

iPad Safari Walkthrough Simulator Video
by on February 17, 2010

The iPad will not be available in Apple Stores until late March. So far, we have only seen promotional videos of the iPad from Apple. Well, the folks at 9to5Mac have put together a video of Safari on the iPad. This walkthrough simulator will give you a taste of what it will be like when you start surfing the web on your couch in April.

Check out the … Read More

iPad App Developers Working Furiously for Launch
by on February 16, 2010

When Apple announced that the iPad would be available in 60 days, you have to wonder, “why 60 days?”. Well, one reason is probably due to the fact that this gives iPad developers enough time to create a plethora of innovative apps in time for the device’s launch.

The New York Times developed their iPad app within three weeks. Other companies are not jumping at the chance to cash in on … Read More

Wired Announces iPad Magazine Coming This Summer
by on February 13, 2010

The iPad is going to make reading digital content on a device incredibly beautiful and interactive. We saw a preview of what is to come from Interview Magazine. Wired Magazine just announced at the TED 2010 conference that they will have a dedicated iPad magazine by this summer.

Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson had this to say:

“I’m from the media world,” Anderson told the audience “and as you may have … Read More

Microsoft Office Suite Coming To iPad?
by on February 11, 2010

During the release keynote of the Apple iPad, Apple debuted a completely new version of its popular iWork productivity suite. The new iWork included touch-screen versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote and will be available in the App Store for $9.99 each.

Apple currently offers iWork for its MacBook and iMac line of computers but also offers Microsoft Office for Mac available for purchase. With that being said, T3 … Read More

Bill Gates Speaks About the iPad: It Ain’t No Thang

I’d like to thank Bill Gates for creating the Windows operating system that I first learned to love to use. I’d also like to thank him for creating the Windows operating system that helped me develop these fine qualities: patience, perseverance, and anger management. Okay, so life with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP wasn’t that bad (oh wait, YES it was!) at first, but at the end of the day I’m glad I … Read More

Hulu Flash-Free TV App Coming to iPad? Maybe Canada?

If you haven’t heard of Hulu, it’s an amazing service that enables Americans to watch full free episodes of their favourite TV shows on the web. It’s Flash-based, which means you can’t view the site on the iPhone or the upcoming iPad. However, there are talks about Hulu creating a non-Flash app for the iPad (read here about why the iPhone doesn’t need Flash).

What does this mean? It … Read More

Waterproof iPad Cases from Trendy Digital
by on February 10, 2010

With the iPad coming soon, accessory makers are quickly producing the next best iPad accessory. For those who are going to use their iPads in dusty or wet environments, it looks like you can now order a waterproof iPad case from Trendy Digital.

WaterGuard Waterproof Case for iPad

Here’s the description of this new waterproof case:

Made of UV-stabilized plastic, the WaterGuard Waterproof Case guards against any wet environment that the iPad might … Read More

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